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DC Universe Classics - Jonah Hex

Lets face it, Jonah Hex was a terrible movie.  Why DC is not focusing on other characters like Wonder Woman, Flash or even the Justice League for the big screen is beyond me.  The Jonah Hex movie experiment, I think, was bound to fail.  Also, why they wait until Wave 16 to release a Jonah Hex DC Universe Classics action figure is puzzling.  You would think it would've came out last year around the movie's release.  But it didn't, oh well.  As you may have guessed today's review will be on Wave 16's Jonah Hex, which is actually a really good addition to the DC Universe Classics collection.  Read on. 

No packaging pictures on this time around, lets focus on the actual action figure itself.  Usually on each DCUC wave, there is one figure that you didn't expect to be that great, then once you get it, you're totally surprised.  Jonah Hex is that figure for wave 16.   

Some really great detail work and extras included with this figure. Great work on everything from his scared up face all the way to the spurs on his boots.   

Close up the first thing i think, Two-Face.  Kinda a similar concept with regards to the face, although its the opposite side of Jonah's face that's mangled.  There are no other similarities other than that.  Jonah Hex is quite unique.  The detail in his skin in really well done.  Everything about the face is really good.  Jonah's hat is not removable by the way.  The paint job is also tip-top.  Mattel has done some fine shading work to make his clothing look like its covered in dust and dirt.  You truly get an "old west" feeling with this action figure.

Jonah Hex comes loaded with a couple of great accessories too.  He comes with a sawed off shot gun which can be holstered on his back as well as a handgun which he also has a holster for on his side.  Both accessories fit very well into each of Hex's hands.  In addition to all this, you of course get the connect and collect piece of Bane

Jonah Hex has articulation is a little less than we're use to.  He has all the standard joints with the exception of the abdominal joint.  So he cannot bend forward or backwards.  All joints on this action figure out of the package were in fine working condition.  Not to tight or lose. 

Overall, Jonah Hex looks great and includes a more than adequate amount of accessories.  The question is, do you want him for your collection.  If you're not a fan of the Jonah Hex comic book, you may have mixed feelings, especially if you don't care about the CNC piece of Bane.  But rest assured if you do decide to pick up your very own, you will not be disappointed.  As I mentioned, I really was surprised how good this action figure turned out.  Good job Mattel. 

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 10, Accessories - 10, Articulation - 8, Fun - 8

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Erin said...

"The Jonah Hex movie experiment, I think, was bound to fail."

I don't think it was BOUND to fail - the character is interesting, and there's no reason someone couldn't have adapted the property into a good film.

They just... didn't.

A.T.R. said...

The character is interesting but doesnt have the following needed to generate that much box office revenue. Even if the movie was good, it probably wouldnt have made much more money and that is the measure of success or failure in hollywood.

holly said...

Great blog the Jonah has great detailing and is a very interesting character.

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