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DC Universe Classics - Darkseid

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Time to do a rewind review and go back a few sets in the DC Universe Classics toy line all the way back to Wave 12.  One of the best collect and connect action figures with one of the worst wave of characters to date in my opinion.  When the CNC Wave 12 action figure Darkseid was announced, I almost peed myself...but then I saw the rest of the Wave 12 line up and well, I was not impressed.  Now I've finally gotten my hands on Darkseid so its time to finally do a review. 

If you collected the DC Super Heroes toy line back around 2006-2007, you're probably aware that there were 2 versions of the DC Super Heroes Darkseid which were good action figures but they really not up to snuff, mainly because Darkseid was too damn short.  Well that has been corrected. 

As far as specific details go with the new Darkseid, it is almost identical to the old DC Super Heroes version.  The difference is obviously the size but putting that aside, The legs are the same.  The outfit is the same.  Even the cracks in his skin are all the same.....and I am totally okay with this.  Darkseid is finally done right!   

There are some slight changes in the head sculpt.  Mainly around the hood which is more rounded down Darkseid's face. 

Comparing Darkseid to other DC Universe Classics Collect and Connect action figures, He is about the size of Kilowog (from wave 11), maybe a bit smaller.  

And compared to Superman and the other regular 6 inch DC Universe Classics action figures, Darkseid towers over them.  The coloring and paint job is perfect.  I really have no complaints in that department at all. 

Just like the DCSH version of Darkseid, the DCUC version of Darkseid comes with a mother box.  It is also exactly the same as the old version, just slightly bigger in size.  As an added bonus though, this mother box can be attached to the back of Darkseid's belt so you don't loose it.   

Another added bonus is that Darkseid also comes with an interchangeable Killing Glove hand which pops on and off with the greatest of ease.  There is absolutely no worry about his regular hand or the killing glove breaking. 

DCUC Darkseid's articulation is the same as the DCSH Darkseid.  I do have some minor complaints about this.  The hip joint does not turn very well due to the belt.  The hip joints are ball joints but are still somewhat limited in range due to the covering (for lack of a better word) skirt.  All joints were in find working condition although the ball joints in the hip were a tad bit loose for my liking.

Overall, Darkseid is truly one of the best DC Universe Classics collect and connect action figures.  If you're a Superman fan, you should already be owning this action figure.  If you don't...... go out and get it now!

Sculpt/Design - 10, Paint - 10, Accessories - 10, Articulation - 8, Fun - 10

In my opinion, due to the unpopularity of the DC Universe Classics Wave 12 set, you can probably buy the entire set for $80 if you look hard enough.  If (like me) you're not too fond of Wave 12 line up and would rather just get Darkseid, you're probably looking at spending about $50.00 USD on eBay for him. 

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