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DC Universe Classics - Batman Legacy (SDCC 2011)

Originally the Batman Legacy toy line was announced by Mattel back in March at the 2011 Toy Fair.  It is a 'new' toy line that will celebrate the Dark Knight's rich history.  You will see a variety of different versions of Batman characters from movies, video games as well as from different eras.  These action figures will be released in the stores soon but you will actually be able to find some of them online on various websites as well as on eBay.

For the most part, SDCC 2011 did not reveal too much about the Batman Legacy toy line that we already didn't know.  So, lets take a look at what may be the more interesting figures fans will want to get their hands on.  

Above is the Batman / Two-Face two pack.  These action figures are based on the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game, set to be released later this year.  Compared to the DC Universe Classics toy line, these action figures have a much darker and grittier look and ....i guess the best way to describe it is....they are a little more realistic than comic book looking...

Next we have images of Harley Quinn (above) and the Joker (below), also from the video game, Arkham City. I quite like this version of Harley compared to her comic book version.

For those of you interested in purchasing the Arkham City video game, if you purchase it from Toys R Us, you will also get the chance have your very own Arkham City Batman action in his 1970's outfit (below).  You will not be able to purchase this anywhere else but I'm sure people will try to sell them on eBay for twice the value. 

I'm really impressed with what i see so far with the Arkham City action figures.  HOPEFULLY, we will see more like Poison Ivy and Killer Croc! 

As mentioned, Mattel is also releasing the Movie Masters action figures, based on the Christopher Nolan films.  See my Toy Fair 2011 post for more info.   You can get a Gordon/Batman prototype (from Batman Begins) two pack or a Honor Guard Joker and Batman two-pack (from Dark Knight).  Personally, the Movie Masters are not my favorite and I will probably skip.  I might go for Gordon though if Mattel does not release a different version.

So for the remaining Batman Legacy action figures, are more to what the DC Universe Classics fans are accustom to.   First we have Golden Age Batman which is basically the same body and cape as Batman from DCUC Wave 1 with a new head sculpt.  Also the bat symbol on his chest is different as well as Batman is supporting black underwear instead of blue.  Apparently, this version will come with a "Batmite" accessory

Then we have Golden Age Joker.  Basically a mismatch of parts previously used and the head sculpt IS new compared to DCUC Wave 10 Joker.  Accessories appear to be similar however.

This is a repaint of the original Batgirl action figure from the DC Super Heroes toy line back in 2007-08.  It was re-released in a two pack with Azrael in 2008 i believe......Anyway, the only difference in the sculpt is Batgirl's belt.  In my opinion, this is definitely a chance for the better compared to the older version.

Next up is Catman.  A completely new character which we have not seen yet in the DC Universe Classics toy line.  Why Catman, i have no idea.  There are maybe 10-15 other characters from the Batman Universe I would love to see, and we get Catman....Ok, well at least its someone different.  Lets be positive.

This Mr. Freeze is a repaint of the same action figure that Mattel has re-released as a repaint probably 4 times before.  In my opinion, the best version is the 2007 NY comic con version.  I believe this new re-painted version is suppose to represent a silver age version of the character. 

And finally, we have a modern age version of Batman, which is essentially the body of the DC Super Heroes Batman from wave 8 (which is still, today, my favorite Batman action figure) and the head of the DC Universe Classics wave 15 Sinestro Corps Batman

An image has been released of the Robin actiono figure from Arkham City video game. Can't say I'm a big fan of this one.

That's covers basically the first two waves of the Batman Legacy action figures.  Since it appears that Mattel will not be releasing anymore Green Lantern waves in the near future, hopefully we'll see more waves of these Batman Legacy action figures in the near future.  And hopefully it will include some of the main characters that we've been missing in the first 20 DC Universe Classics waves thus far.  Since Batman is the backbone to the DC Universe, I think its reasonable to expect a few more waves before Mattel moves their focus on to something else (Superman perhaps??).

Monday, July 25, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Wave 20 Announcement (SDCC 2011)


This past weekend was the very popular 2011 San Diego Comic Convention and collectors of the DC Universe Classics toy line got some interesting news.  First regarding DCUC wave 20 - the line has been announced and there are pictures of some (but not all) of these action figures.  Originally, there were rumors going around that this would be another Blackest night set similar to the "Rainbow Lantern" Set (DCUC Wave 17) which was recently released.  Wave 20 was suppose to feature characters in their Lantern Uniforms.  Fortunately, this isn't the case (mostly)  Lets take a look at Wave 20's line up first: 

First we have a new Green Arrow.  This one supporting his hooded look.  The face and his bow look very similar to the Green Arrow figure from Wave 9 but the rest of this action figure appears to have some very different detail then the Wave 9 version

Its only fitting that this DCUC Wave 20 also include a Red Arrow action figure to go along with Green Arrow.  Interestingly enough, his outfit appears to be very similar to Wave 9 Green Arrow's look with the exception of the belt.  Hopefully it's not an exact copy. 

Next up we have the Team of Hawk and Dove.

And then we have the Reverse-Flash. 

Now the following two action figures who ARE confirmed as part of DCUC Wave 20 were not revealed at the 2011 SDCC.  Apparently we will not get a look at them until the next New York Comic Convention.  These action figures will be:

White Lantern Flash (Barry Allen)


Sinestro Corps version of Sinestro.  This is an interesting inclusion.  We've already got a Sinestro Corps version from DCUC Wave 2 but clearly many fans were not happy with that figure due to Sinestro being too short.  An other Sinestro figure was then released in the Green Lantern's Light 5 pack.  This Sinestro basically had the same body size as Hal Jordan with the wave 2 Sinestro's Head attached.  A third version of Sinestro was then released along with a Hal Jordan in a separate Two-Pack.  It was the Thaal Sinestro version and not the Corps version.  It was taller than Hal Jordan and a skinnier body type. So it will be interesting to see which body Mattel will do with Sinestro this time around. 

Finally the Collect and Connect action figure for DCUC wave 20 will be

So there you have it. DC Universe Classics Wave 20.  

That's not all the news coming out of the SDCC.  Mattel has also announced their "Club Infinite Earths" which will provide collectors with exclusive action figures.  Head over to Mattycollector if you'd like to subscribe and read it carefully.  Initial cost is $30 bucks but it there are other fees that you will need to pay out as well.  If enough subscriptions are purchased to make the service go forward, the plan is to release 9 monthly 6" figures, 3 quarterly over sized figures, and a club exclusive figure (all figures except the club exclusive will also be available on Mattel's website). The club exclusive will be an over sized figure chosen by fans in a poll on Mattel's website among the following four figures:

Black Lantern Swamp Thing
Metron with Mobius Chair
Rocket Red
Shaggy Man

If enough subscriptions are received, Mattel revealed that the first figures to be released through the club will be:

Red Lantern, Atrocitus

Starman (Thom Kallor)

The Flash (Jay Garrick)

On a side note, are you wondering what the SDCC DCUC exclusive was this year?  Take a look:

And finally, some more cross promotional two packs were also at comic con which featurs one DC Universe Classics action figure and one Masters of the Universe character.  Im not a really big fan of these but those of you looking to finish off your Legion of Doom collections might want to get your hands on Bizarro from this set.  Or you can just try to grab a Bizarro off of eBay from the DC Super Heroes toy line back in 07-08.  Its the exact same figure. 

There are also suppose to be Two Packs featuring Hal Jordan and Zodiac as well as Supergirl and She-Ra. 

Thats it for this post.  Be sure to help keep Action Toy Review alive by visiting our sponsors.  Especially if you're looking to purchase these action figures.  I am a big fan of eBay to use purchase DC Universe Classics so be sure to check out eBay's section by clicking here

Be sure to check back for more SDCC news on Mattel's DC Universe Classics action figures. 

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DC Universe Classics - Collect and Connect Top 10 Voted by you!

Recently I conducted a poll for the loyal readers of Action Toy Review to tell me THE ONE.....DC Universe Classics collect and connect action figure that was their favorite.  Readers could only vote for one action figure.  It was a bit of a surprise to the the winner to me, but interesting to know.  Note that this poll did not include the CNC figures from waves 17, 18 or 19 which were not released yet at the time.  So, lets take a look at the Top 10 as voted by you. 


A lot of detail in this CNC Action figure.  A very solid action figure.  I personally would've ranked him higher but it's a reader's poll.


Very cool giant robot version of Metallo. Many people are still waiting for a regular size, half man version of this character. 


I'm a bit surprised to see Rex rated so high because, he is the smallest of the CNC action figures.  That being said he also comes with some of the coolest accessories and supports very unique details in his body sculpt.


An awesome Green Lantern Character and truly worthy of a CNC action figure, Arkillo is a great addition to your Sinestro Corps collection. 


The 2 Green Lantern wave gave us 2 great CNC action figures. 


Perhaps the HARDEST CNC action figure to complete due to the lack of production of Black Adam and The Gaurdian action figures from this wave.  Chemo is big, green, transparent and looks amazing. 


Unfortunately Darkseid was the CNC action figure in one of the weakest waves line Mattel has come up with in the DC Universe Classics collection.  But he is an essential action figure for any Superman fan so if you do not own him, find a way to get him! 


Almost as equally as hard to finish as Chemo DCUC fans found it extremely difficult to get their hands on the Gentleman Ghost figure from Wave 8 which included Gigants head and waist.  For this reason alone, an unopened Gentleman Ghost goes for about $80.00 US on ebay these days.  Giganta is the tallest of the CNC DC Universe Classics action figure to date. 


I thought for sure the fan favorite, Kilowog would come out as number one but I was wrong.  Number 2 is not too shabby. Kilowog was part of a heavy Green Lantern wave (wave 11) and is a kick ass action figure.  A must have for action figure collectors.

and NUMBER 1:

The man who broke the Bat slightly edged out Kilowog as the Action Toy Review fan favorite collect and connect action figure.  Bane has a lot going for him these days as he will soon to be featured in the "Dark Knight Rises" Christopher Nolan movie and this has surely something to do with his recent rise in popularity.  Not to take away anything from this great CNC action figure.  It is worthy of a #1 spot.

So there you have it.  Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Have comments about the poll?   Then feel free to leave a comment about this post. Also be sure to visit Action Toy Review's sponsors to keep us going. 

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