Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Mr. Miracle

Up next for review from the DC Universe Classics wave 6 set of action figures is Mr. Miracle.

To buy Mattel's DC Universe Classics, Mr. Miracle on eBay, click here.

This is another great figure from Mattel's DCUC series. The sculpt is true to the classic look of Mr. Miracle.

You will notice the reusing of body parts compared to other figures but Mattel does a good job of giving Mr. Miracle his own individuality starting with a great head sculpt, to his cape and belt.

The cape itself isn't super heavy but heavy enough that if Mr. Miracle is leaning to far backwards it will topple him over.

The paint job is actually pretty good. There are little spots here and there where there is a little smudging but over everything is relatively painted within the lines so to speak. The one thing that I'm not too crazy about is the red paint wash over the yellow sections of his abdominal and arms. Mattel has done this with other characters that have yellow in their costume and I've never been fond of that combination, Red Tornado from DCUC series 1 for example.

As far as accessories go, Mr. Miracle comes with a set of binders that go around his forearms, 2 flying disks that attach to the bottom of his feet and one mother box which is attached to the back of his belt underneath his cape. Its very well hidden actually and I didn't even notice it until after i took the pictures. The unfortunate thing about the mother box is that it doesn't fit into either of his hands as they are both close fists.

Mr. Miracle's articulation is really no different than 95% of the other action figures from this toy series. Joints included are neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Can't complain about that selection.

Overall, Mr. Miracle is another great addition by Mattel to the DC Universe Classics collection. Great sculpt and paint job, plenty of accessories and lots of fun.
Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 8, Accessories - 9, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8.5
Overall Score: 8.5/10
As usual, I recommend buying these figures from eBay if you cannot find them at your local toy store. If you can find a good seller who combines shipping costs, its also best to buy multiple figures at one time from him/her if you are looking for more than one character.
To buy Mattel's DC Universe Classics, Mr. Miracle on eBay, click here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Hawkman

After a week long absence its finally time to start the reviews on Mattel's DC Universe Classics wave 6 action figures. For today's review, we will look at Hawkman.

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Hawkman on eBay, click here.

There are some re-using of body parts in this toy line yes, but the main difference between Hawkman and the other DCUC characters is obviously that he has a set of very adjustable wings on his back. The sculpt itself is really good. One disappointing thing is that his helmet is not removable.

The wings on his back are not heavy at all and do not weigh him back unlike some capes on other action figures from this line. The design overall is really nice with a lot of detail in the wings on his back and helmet.

For the most part the paint job is fairly clean. The wings have some dry brushing and shading to bring out the layers of feathers.

The one main area where the paint job is lacking (on my figure anyways) is around Hawkman's ear. The shin color is overlaps quite badly here. Other than that spot, overall Hawkman's got a pretty good paint job.

Hawkman comes with 3 additional accessories (not including the Collect and Connect piece of Kalabak). He comes with a mace which fits kind of loosely in his hand. A sword which fits much better. And finally a shield with the hawk symbol on it.

Hawkman's articulation is really good. Better than most DCUC figures if you count the joints in his wings. His joints include neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees, ankles and then 4 joints in his wings (2 on each side).

Overall Hawkman is a really cool action figure. He comes with a lot of accessories and the adjustable wings make him great to display. Worth a pick up for sure!

Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 9, Accessories - 10, Articulation - 9.5, Fun - 9
Overall Score - 9/10
If you can't find Hawkman at your local toy store, there are many online retails that will have this figure for a short period of time. Ebay is always my favorite option.

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Hawkman on eBay, click here.

Be sure to check back soon for more reviews on Mattel's DC Universe Classics action figures.

Monday, February 9, 2009

DC Superheroes - Man-Bat

Today I'll take a closer look at a previous SD Comic Con exclusive DC Superheroes action figure - Man-Bat. To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Man-Bat on eBay, click here.

Man-Bat comes in some pretty cool packaging. The box is made to look like a crate and has Wayne Tech Research Division stamped on the front with a big "WARNING" sign. On the inside is a coffin like container that is covered in black fuzz.

Spread the wings of the coffin open and you'll find your brand new Man-Bat figure hanging upside down. Very nice packaging.

After taking Man-Bat out of his cool packaging, you'll see that you have yourself one really fine action figure, but its not without its faults. The sculpt itself is really good. A lot of detail in the muscle and skin. His arms are thin and his wings can sometimes make him hard to pose without falling.

Man-Bats wing span stretches out over 15 inches when his arms are spread out to the sides. The wings are made of a soft rubbery plastic.

His legs are almost exactly like DCSH Bane's leg stance. They are set in a crouched position which works much better on Man-Bat than Bane in my opinion.

Man-Bat's paint job is also top notch. Cool detail in the face and the rest of the body. No splotches or slop anywhere.

Man-Bat does not come with any accessories unless you count his special packaging.

Man-Bats articulation is pretty good too. He's got the standard joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, knees and ankles. As mentioned it is hard to pose Man-Bat due to wings which sometimes will make him topple over.

Overall, Man-Bat is a must have if you are a Batman rogue collector, or even a Mattel action figure collector. Great sculpt, paint job

Sculpt - 9, Paint- 9.5, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8

Overall Score - 8.5/10

Looking to get your hands on Man-Bat. He was never sold in any stores or online. You're best bet as usual with these figures is trying eBay. That's where i got mine. He will go from anywhere between $20 and $40.

To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Man-Bat on eBay, click here.

My DC Universe Classics wave 6 has arrived so be sure to check back for those reviews as well as more news and information on these action figures by Mattel.

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