Monday, February 9, 2009

DC Superheroes - Man-Bat

Today I'll take a closer look at a previous SD Comic Con exclusive DC Superheroes action figure - Man-Bat. To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Man-Bat on eBay, click here.

Man-Bat comes in some pretty cool packaging. The box is made to look like a crate and has Wayne Tech Research Division stamped on the front with a big "WARNING" sign. On the inside is a coffin like container that is covered in black fuzz.

Spread the wings of the coffin open and you'll find your brand new Man-Bat figure hanging upside down. Very nice packaging.

After taking Man-Bat out of his cool packaging, you'll see that you have yourself one really fine action figure, but its not without its faults. The sculpt itself is really good. A lot of detail in the muscle and skin. His arms are thin and his wings can sometimes make him hard to pose without falling.

Man-Bats wing span stretches out over 15 inches when his arms are spread out to the sides. The wings are made of a soft rubbery plastic.

His legs are almost exactly like DCSH Bane's leg stance. They are set in a crouched position which works much better on Man-Bat than Bane in my opinion.

Man-Bat's paint job is also top notch. Cool detail in the face and the rest of the body. No splotches or slop anywhere.

Man-Bat does not come with any accessories unless you count his special packaging.

Man-Bats articulation is pretty good too. He's got the standard joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, knees and ankles. As mentioned it is hard to pose Man-Bat due to wings which sometimes will make him topple over.

Overall, Man-Bat is a must have if you are a Batman rogue collector, or even a Mattel action figure collector. Great sculpt, paint job

Sculpt - 9, Paint- 9.5, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8

Overall Score - 8.5/10

Looking to get your hands on Man-Bat. He was never sold in any stores or online. You're best bet as usual with these figures is trying eBay. That's where i got mine. He will go from anywhere between $20 and $40.

To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Man-Bat on eBay, click here.

My DC Universe Classics wave 6 has arrived so be sure to check back for those reviews as well as more news and information on these action figures by Mattel.

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ryanlb said...

Someday I will pay the eBay cost, but not today. For now I look forward to the release of the brown version later this year.

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