Sunday, November 1, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Green Arrow

Over the last week, i let the readers choose which DC Universe Classics action figure i should review next and the one with the most votes was Green Arrow.  So here we go:

Probably one of the better sculpts out of all the DCUC wave 9 figures, Green Arrow has some unique features that we don't normally see on your standard DC Universe Classics action figure.    The Four Housemen have given us Green Arrow look with this action figure. 

The head sculpt is amazing and the custome design looks great.

Green Arrows hands are sculpted perfectly to hold his bow and arrow.  The legs are basically re-used pieces and really are nothing different. 

Up close you will see there are a couple of areas, one on each arm of slop. A little bit of green paint in the middle of each bicep.  Unfortunately is a minor drawback of ordering online.  You can't sit in the store and pick out the figure with the best paint job.  Looking past that, the rest of Green Arrows paint job is well done.  No other glaring errors

Green Arrow's articulation is no different than 95% of the other DC Universe Classics action figures that we've seen to date.  He's got all the right joints in all the right places.  All joints were in good working order so no complaints here. 

Green Arrow comes with a large assortment of accessories.  He does not technically come with a CnC piece of Chemo, instead he comes with the blue stand plastic disk which we were given with Hawkgirl in wave 8 and Flash in wave 7.  It seems like the main popular character in each wave from now on will come with this stand (Batman in DCUC wave 10, John Stewart in DCUC wave 11).  Included in the package are obviously GA's bow which already has an arrow sculpted on to it....which is good and bad.  Good, so that its easier for the arrow to stay on.  Bad in that you cannot replace the arrow with any of the other 4 arrows that come in this package.  (see pic below).

Its nice to get these arrows,  but really they are quite useless unless you decide you want to actually cut the sculpted arrow from bow yourself but then really, you wont be able to attach any of the other arrows to the bow without actually gluing another one on or something.  The Quiver on GA's back is removable so technically that can also be considered an accessory.  Unfortunately, none of the loose arrows fit into the quiver either so there is not way for GA to carry them around.

Overall, Green Arrow is hands down a must have character for you DC Universe Classics collect, even for the occaisional collector.  In my opinion, if you were to just pick up one of the wave 9 action figures, Green Arrow would be the best choice. 

Sculpt - 9.5, Paint - 8, Articulation - 9, Accessories - 8, Fun - 8.5

Green Arrow was actually a bit of a chore for me to find probably due to the characters popularity.  Since I don't have the luxury of going to my local wal-mart and picking these action figures up, I have to resort to online retailers.  I don't like ordering full sets months in advance so generally I like using ebay to get these DCUC action figures. Originally Green Arrow was selling in the 35 dollar range when it was first released.  Ridiculas, i know, but with the release of wave 10 recently, Green Arrows price has come back down as the demand for this figure has faided a bit.  So head over to ebay by click on the links below to see what kind of deal you can get:

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Green Arrow on ebay, click here.

To find any of the other DC Universe Classics wave 9 action figures on ebay, click here.

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