Sunday, March 8, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Captain Marvel

Shazam! aka Captain Marvel is the next DC Universe Classics action figure up for review.

If you're interested in purchasiong Mattel's DCUC Captain Marvel from eBay, click here. Now on to the review.

You will notice a similar body sculpt with Captain Marvel compare to many DCUC action figures. Specifically the legs and arms. The chest is slightly different as Captain Mavel's outfit kind of overlaps across the chest. His cape is also unique compared to other characters as it hangs more off of his right shoulder.

The head sculpt is also unique, as it should be and Captain Marvel supports a strong jaw and a big grin.

The paint job is well done, especially the symbols that run along the back of his cape. No smudging or overlapping at all. There is some dark shading around the biceps and thighs as well as some gawd awful red shading around on his yellow boots. I complain about this every time, why are they shading over yellow with red? I don't like it. See my DCUC Mr. Miracle, Robin and Red Tornado reviews for more examples of this.

If you're looking for an action figure that comes packed full of accessories, you've picked the wrong toy. Aside from the collect and connect piece of Kalabak, our buddy Shazam comes with jack squat! But that's not unusual for these figures. Sometimes there is just nothing extra to give a character.

If you are familiar with this toy line, then you are familiar with the articulation these action figures generally have and Captain Marvel is no different. He has all the usual joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, thighs, knees and ankles.

Overall, Captain Marvel is a about par for the course compared to other DCUC action figures from this series. Good sculpt and paint job with the usual articulation that we've all come to expect and love about these toys.

Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 8, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9
Overall Score - 8/10

With the DCUC wave 7 now coming out, you might be able to pick up a Captain Marvel rather cheaply on eBay.
To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Captain Marvel on eBay, click here
Thanks for reading as always, be sure to come back for more reviews on the remaining DCUC wave 6 characters as well as wave 7.


Anonymous said...

i think the red shading on the boots is due to poor cover with the yellow is awful. In general the paints have been below average overall.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that sometimes there is just nothing extra to give a character. And well... for this particular character, I disagree.

They could've added a small Billy Batson figure, or even a Dr. Sivana. I mean, ToyBiz gave us Gamma Punch Hulk with Bruce Banner! And let's face it, the chances of either one of those two figures ever getting made as part of the DCUC line is "slim to none!"

Either way, at the very least, they could've given him a display stand or a Mr. Mind worm (after all, they gave both to Booster Gold).

Me said...

good points. I think with the more recent sets we're starting to see Mattel add in some additional accessories with more of these action figures. I guess an example could be the Hal Jordon from wave 3 which came with nothing vs the upcoming John Stewart figure in wave 11 which is suppose to come with a couple of fist attachements.

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