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DC Universe Classics - Bane

Although I have not completed all the DCUC Collect and Connect action figures from the DC Universe Classics toy line, Bane was one I NEEDED to get right away.  He's not as classic as The Joker, The Riddler or Catwoman, but he is one of the main bad guys in the Batman world and the only man to have successfully broken the bat back when he made his comic debut in the 1993 classic Knightfall comic series.
Mattel gave us a Bane action figure in the DC Superheroes toy line a few years back and quite frankly, it just didn't cut it, lacking size and articulation.  I think Mattel will get it right this time around.  Lets take a look at DCUC Wave 16s CNC action figure, Bane:

Bane on eBay:

Unlike the DC Superheroes version of Bane, this DC Universe Classics version has proper joints in his hips and can stand up right.  As far as the look goes, this is classic Bane in which his Mexican wrestling mask black gear. The muscle shirt is a separate piece from Banes torso. 

From the side, you can see the hose where Bane's venom is suppose to be distributed to his head.  The hose is removable, of course, how else are you suppose to beat him?

Close up, Bane is big and muscular, but there is still a generic feeling to the sculpt.  I feel a bit more muscle definition and veins are needed here.  But all in all not bad.  The older version, below right, had more definition which is the only plus over the current Wave 16 Bane.  Old Bane's hips joints could not swing outward leaving him stuck in the ridiculous open leg stance. 

The paint job is clean as it should be.  It's not like Bane has a lot of coloring going on.  Mostly Black and skin tone with a bit of shading and some silver, white and red on his mask.  Not difficult and looks good. 

Lots of muscles popping out here:

As far as size goes, Bane fits right in the middle with the other taller DC Universe action figures.  I know, Mongul and Clayface are not CNC but they are taller than the regular action figures.  Bane seems to be on par with Gorilla Grodd in the height department

Compared to the Batman, Bane towers over him by a good couple of inches.

There are no additional accessories with Bane.  Bane is in fact himself, an accessory to the action figures in the DCUC Wave 16 set.  So if you were hoping for something extra like Bane's teddy Bear, "Osito" then you're outta luck. 

Articulation on Bane is, as mentioned previously, way better than the DC Superheroes version of Bane and lives up to the DC Universe Classics standards.  Joints in the neck, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.  All joints were in fine working condition.  Sometimes these collect and connect figures have looser joints than usual.  Bane's upper body is tight but his legs are a tad on the loose side but this differs with each action figure i find.   

Overall, if you're a Batman fan, you gotta have Bane.  If you have one of the DC Superheroes Bane action figure, it will not do.  This, the DCUC Wave 16 collect and connect Bane is for you.  I have some minor complaints about the sculpt but he fits right in with the other Batman rogues the Mattel has given us.  With the new "Dark Knight Rises" movie coming out in 2012, you can bet that this action figure is going to be a hot ticket, much like Two-Face was when "The Dark Knight" came out.  Now Mattel needs to re-do Killer Croc and I will be happy. 

Sculpt/Design - 8, Paint - 8, Accessories - N/A, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9
Value - 8/10

DCUC Wave 16 is in online store now and you'll probably find them at various wal-marts, targets or toys r us around the USA (if you're lucky).  Most of us will have to rely on eBay and other online options. 

If you'd like to just buy Bane and none of the other DC Universe Classics Wave 16 action figures, it is possible.  There are many auctions on eBay that sell just the Collect and Connect pieces.  Check it out:

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Bane on eBay, click here

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