Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Wave 18 announcement

New Pictures added (Feb 20, 2011)

DC Universe Classics Wave 18 rumors have been finally put to rest this past weekend at the 2011 Toy Fair in NYC and it turns out the, unconfirmed rumors of a "Super Friends" theme wave are partially true.   Mattel has not yet released any promo photos yet, but once they do, I will post them (Update: promo pics of these action figures have been added plus a picture from the 2011 Toy Fair posted below).  Here is the official CONFIRMED DCUC wave 18 line up.

From the Super Friends TV series in the 1980s, we have Samurai.

(cool looking sword accessory)

Also from the Super Friends TV series, Black Vulcan

looks as he has hand attachments similar to Red and Blue Superman from DC Universe Classics Wave 2

and again from the Super Friends, Eld Dorado

Unfortunately, by the looks of this pic and his closed fists, I'm guessing no accesories are included with Eld-Dorodo (I thought it was "El-Dorado??)

One of two non Super Friends action figures, Bronze Tiger with removable head (like Low and Maash from the DCUC Green Lantern Wave 1 set.)

So we get a removeable head plus it appears that Bronze Tiger is hold two weapons that are similar to Nightwing's Escrima sticks from DCUC Wave 3....However, in the picture below from Toy Fair, 2011, you'll notice he is holding a sword and a staff of some sort. 

And the other non Super Friends character, a modern version of Captain Boomerang

Hopefully he is comes with some Boomerangs at the very least. 

And at last, the final member of the Legion of Doom (if you include Bizarro and Scarecrow from the DC Superheroes toy line), Toyman.

A bit muscular for Toyman but none the less, glad he's finally coming.  He appears to come with both a yo-yo and spinning top accessory. 

The Collect and Connect action figure for DC Universe Classics wave 18 will be, no surprise here, Apache Chief (Still no pictures yet)

Edit: pic posted Feb 17, 2011

The rumors had suggested that we were getting a new Bizarro action figure in this set with an interchangeable Superman head as well as a Metallo figure in DCUC Wave 18 but those rumors have proven to be false. 

Can't say I'm too crazy about this announcement. Its hard to say who, in this set, is the main action figure in this set.  I will get Toyman to finish off my Legion of Doom collection and another Flash villain is more than welcomed with Captain Boomerang in my collection, but these other characters from the show are not appealing.  I will, in all likelihood skip the rest of this set.  This will give me more time to catch up on other DC Universe Classics action figures I've missed from previous sets.

Look for Wave 18 to make an appearance sometime in the fall of 2011. 

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Anonymous said...

Actually,seeing as how I WON'T BE BUYING ANY OF THE DC UNIVERSE SERIES 17 FIGURES(all the colours in the lantern rainbow.But not the actual lanterns like Saint Walker,it'll be the superhero versions?..Really?..Again?Feh.)I'll have money burning a hole in my pocket for line 18.So,yeah,I'll get them.With any luck,keeping with the Superfriends theme,maybe DC will put out a Wendy and Marvin set,or possibly even reissue (FOR THE REST OF US)) the San Diego Con exclusives of Zan and Jayna and Gleek.INUKCHUK!

Anonymous said...

Finally,a wave I absolutely have to have every figure. If you guys only knew how ecstatic I am about the Bronze feels like christmas. I gots to have 3 of em, one for the collection, one to pose and one for Task force X. Who ever made the decision on the Tiger, I owe you a cold one.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see some classic tv characters in this wave, but my 5 year old son is the most excited. He LOVES the Super Friends and was very excited to see Samurai & Toyman, and especially Apache Chief. I can tell you I'll be getting all of these for my son.

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