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DC Universe Classics - Robin (Dick Grayson)

The results of the latest ATR poll is in and we have a tie.  The next DC Universe Classics action figure ATR readers most wanted to be reviewed next was both Zatanna from Wave 14 and Robin from Wave 16.  Well...I'm not doing 2 reviews at once so I'm gonna vote myself.  Holy tie breakers, Batman! The next review will be on the original boy wonder himself, Robin.  In my opinion, he is by FAR the superior action figure.  You will thank me later.  And here we go:

It's safe to say that Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 16 is heavily loaded with Batman related characters.....which is good (IMO).  The bad thing is, in a way, we're not getting that many "new" Batman characters.  Only the Creeper.  We're still waiting for Mattel to give us Ra's Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Hush....just to name a few.  Instead of new Batman characters (besides Creeper), we're getting different versions of Riddler, Robin, Azrael and Bane, all who we've seen before either in the DCUC toy line or the previous DC Superheroes toy line.  The good thing is, they are not just repaints.  They are new Riddler, Robin, Azrael and Bane are super cool versions and well worth getting for any Batman collector. 

Before we get to the meat of this review, lets stop quickly and look at the packaging.  Yes, yes, we've all seen this before.  Graphics on the front of the card (behind the action figure) are Green Lantern, Batman Flash, Aquaman and Superman in case you can't tell.  On the back, you get all the info you want about wave 16 as well as your standard mini write-up on the action figure you just purchased. 

As I mentioned, we have already gotten version of Robin before.  DC Universe Classics wave 3, included the Tim Drake version of Robin which was also repainted and re-released in the Dynamic Duo 2 pack.  Wave 16's version, is the original Robin and future Nightwing and Dark Knight, Dick Grayson.  He comes in both a classic (early teens) and modern (late teens) variant with the only difference being his head sculpt.  This version is Modern variant.

I really couldn't be much happier with the way this figure looks.  Truly the most memorable version of Robin for me.  Ya, the Robin Hood booties are a little lame but this is the way he looked back in the day and this is DC Universe CLASSICS, right?  As far as the paint job goes, it is Tip-Top!  There are some minor spots like in the hinge of the elbow joints that i can see spots of green where it should be skin color but no glaring errors. 

Compared to other DCUC action figures which stand on average at about 6 3/4 inches tall, Robin, since he is only a teenager, is a bit shorter, standing at about 6 inches even which is perfect.  He looks just right next to the Classic Batman from DCUC wave 1.

Old school Robin in blessed with new joints which makes good for articulation.  Specifically, the double hinged elbow and knee joints.  His ankle joints are also different than the single hinge joints we've been getting on most DCUC action figures.  They appear to be ball joints and have a lot more range.  All other joints that we're use to are there.  (I've given up listing them all)

The boy blunder comes with, of course, a collect and connect piece of Bane plus he's got his very own grapple gun and a little batarang.  He has been sculpted with 2 open hands so both accessories fit in each hand very nicely. 

Overall, next to Bane, this is the action figure from Wave 16 that I've been waiting for and I was not disappointed.  Great sculpt and paint job, amazing articulation and a couple of accessories makes happy collector.  Any old school Batman collector would love this action figure, so go out and buy him. 

Sculpt/Design - 10, Paint - 8.5, Articulation - 10, Accessories - 7, Fun - 9
Value: 9

Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 16 action figure are starting to pop up all over the Internet.  I got a pretty good deal for the entire set on eBay but you can also buy them individually if you only want one or two.  I suggest you check out the selection there if you can't find these action figures at you're local Wal-Mart/Target/Toys R Us store. 

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Robin on eBay, click here

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