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DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Wave 1 - Kyle Rayner

The main action figure from the DC Universe Green Lantern Classics wave 1 set that most people have been waiting for is Kyle Rayner.  So take a guess at who today's review will be on:

First up we have a look at Rayner in his packaging for those who do not want to take their action figure out of the packaging.  It's very similar to the DCUC toy line.  Action figure is encased in solid transparent bubble plastic.  Cool cartoon graphics behind that of the main Green Lantern characters.  On the back, there is a nice little bio on Rayner as well as pictures of figures from the entire wave.  We've all see this before so time to move on. 

Taking a look at the actual action figure now, as far as a sculpt goes, we see a lot of reused parts here.  The head being the only main difference.  Unlike with the Black Hand action figure from this wave, Rayner does not have the new double hinged elbow or knee joints.

Kyle's Green Lantern costume difference from the classic Hal Jordan.  You can see the GL symbol is not centered on his chest but more centered on his left pectoral muscle (reminds me of Robin's "R" symbol for some reason).  The costume is really true to what you would expect in a Kyle Rayner action figure.

Up close we can get a better look at the head sculpt which is one of the main highlights of this Kyle Rayner figure.  The mask is sculpted really well on his face and the hair is nicely detailed.  You can also see up close a few minor scuff marks in the paint on the left side of his chest.  Slightly sucks but overall, its not a big deal. This is really a luck of the draw thing.  Sometimes it happens, especially when you're ordering online instead of being able to pick them out at a store. 

Rayner's articulation is pretty standard compared to the old DC Universe Classics action figures between waves 1 to 15.  As we mentioned above, Mattel now appears to be incorporating double hinged knee and elbow joints to add more movement to these action figures.  It appears as though some figures from this Green Lantern Classics Wave have them as well as some from the upcoming DC Universe Classics Wave 16 set will also incorporate these new joints.  Unfortunately Kyle does not but his articulation is still as good as any previous DCUC figures.  He's got all the standard joints we've been use to over the last 2 plus years. 

One of the other highlights of this Kyle Rayner action figure is the accessories that come along with him.  I love it when we get addition green lantern accessories.  Kyle comes with a cool looking green lantern, much more sci-fi like than the one that comes with Hal Jordan.  He also comes with a giant sword that attaches on to his ring hand.  The good thing about these accessories is that you can use them with other Green Lantern members. 

As per my ATR poll that was asking which GL Classics wave 1 figure(s) they would purchase, readers responses was heavily favored to Rayner, and Mattel did not disappoint.  It is a bit of a bummer that he did not get the new double hinged joint treatment like Black Hand, but overall, Kyle Rayner is another great action figure.  I'm not sure how many Green Lantern Classics waves we'll be seeing but Rayner was definitely a must have figure for any DC or Green Lantern fan.  With the new Green Lantern movie due to come out in the next 6 months, you can bet these action figures will be very popular for at least the first half of 2011. 

Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 8.5, Articulation - 9, Accessories - 10, Fun - 9, Value - 9

If you're looking for your very own DC Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner action figure, ebay has a lot of good auctions available to get a decent deal for those of you unlucky souls that cannot find these Mattel bad boys at your local Wal-mart, Toys R Us or Target store. 

To find DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Kyle Rayner on eBay, click here

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So many DC Universe Classics action figures coming out this year.  Ive just ordered my DCUC wave 16 which i expect will be in next week, not to mention, I'm still looking for a few more of these Green Lantern Classics wave 1 figures.  GLC wave 2 will be coming soon as well as DCUC wave 17, probably in March sometime.  One thing is for sure, alot of reviews to come so be sure to check back. 

Feel free to leave any comments regarding this review below or check out my poll questions on the left hand side of your screen. 

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