Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DC Universe Classics - Gentleman Ghost

Seems that i've fell behind on my DC Universe Classics reviews.  With wave 11 now out and some wave 12 figure showing up on eBay, I guess its time I start catching up on my reviews of wave 8 to 10 reviews.  So today's review will be Gentleman Ghost from wave 8.  First, if you missed my DC Universe Classics 2009 Year in Review post, be sure to check it out. 

I had a hell of a time getting my hands on Gentleman Ghost (at a reasonable cost).  For the most part, Gentleman Ghosts sculpt has many similar parts as The Joker from DCUC Wave 10 with the exception of the head (or lack of), top hat and cape. 

One of the cool features on Gentleman Ghost is the transparent plastic parts used to create this action figure.  Specifically the cape and the lower legs below the knees. 

For the most part, as far as paint goes, Gentleman Ghost is completely white, but not totally.  Again, the white paint is merged with the transparent body parts and cape to give him cool a supernatural effect. 

Gentleman Ghost comes with a good amount of accessories.  He comes with an old fashion white pistol and a white cane.   GG also comes with the head and hips of the Collect and Connect Giganta figure as well as a miniature figure of "The Atom".  (See my review on Giganta for more). 

For the most part, Gentleman Ghost has most of the standard joints you would find on your typical DC Universe Classics action figure with the exception of a joint at the waist and obviously since he has no head, he is also lacking a neck joint.  All joint were in decent working order out of the box. 

Overall, Gentleman Ghost is a cool action figure and a good villan to add to your DC Universe Classics action figure collection. 

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 8, Accessories - 8, Articulation - 8, Fun - 8.5

I had a heck of a time getting my hands on Gentleman Ghost.  It seems there was a shortage of this action figure.  Even on eBay, i find it very hard to find him but eBay is still your best bet at this point in the game.

To find DC Universe Classics Gentleman Ghost on eBay, click here.

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