Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DC Universe Classics - Parademon

Todays review will be on another DC Universe Classics action figure from Wave 8.  This time I will take a closer look at the classic variant of Parademon. 

This version of Parademon is the classic version as oppose to the Red and Yellow Super Powers Variant. 

Parademon's sculpt is comprised of a number of original body part and some really cool detail
A great head sculpt as usual.

As mentioned in recent reviews, Mattel is really stepping things up in the paint department.  We are seeing less and less sloppy paint jobs which each new DCUC wave that gets released.  My Parademon's paint job is very good.  There were some minor areas of green paint on the skin around his nose but nothing too noticeable.  I guess my only complaint is they used some red shading over the yellow boots for highlighting.  Mattel has used this color combo before and I've never been a big fan.  That being said, the red shading is very faint and not too obvious. 

Outside of the Giganta CnC piece, Parademon comes with a couple of cool weapon accessories.  A big cool drill gun that he needs both hands to hold and the other is a yellow hand gun.

Parademon's joints are basically the same as what you would normally get on your standard DCUC action figure.  One small difference is the hip joints are ball joints which all for more movement and reduces the need for thigh joints. 

Overall Parademon is a good addtion to the DC Universe Classics collection.  With more and more New Gods/Apokolips characters coming out in upcoming waves, you'll need at least one Parademon to fill your collection.  Your Superman will need someone to pound on.

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 8, Accessories - 8, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9

Classic Parademon seems to be the harder one to find as oppose to the Super Powers variant.  I am a huge fan of eBay to get these action figures if you cannot find them at your local toy store. 

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Parademon on eBay, click here.

Thats it for my DCUC Parademon review.  Be sure to check back with Action Toy Review for more news and reviews on your favorite action figure toy line. 

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TheReviewer said...

I'm a huge fan as well. I love these
action figures
. I collect a few. These DC Universe ones are great. High quality look and not to expensive. Why doesn't star trek have better action figures?

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