Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DC Universe Classics - 2009 Year In Review

The second full year into Mattel's DC Universe Classics and we've seen some pretty cool action figures through out the year.   So I'll just go over some of the main characters and my favs we've seen released through out the 2009 calendar year.

For starter, Mattel gave us the biggest Collect and Connect action figure thus far in Wave 8's Giganta standing at about 10 inches tall.  Easily one of the best looking CnC figures aswell to date. 

We've also seen the dreded return of the Walmart Exclusive set, much like Wave 5 in 2008, wave 10 in 2009 was another walmart exclusive set.  This set featured a very import action figure of The Joker which would be important to any DC Comics fan.  Joker was arguably one of the best DCUC action figures of the year in my opinion.  We also saw and a repainted Batman figure was released again in this set.  That would make this the 4th repaint using this same sculpt.  Mattel thankfully included some cool new accessories with Bats.

Power Girl, also part of wave 10 and Superman from the Gotham City 5 pack (another wal-mart exclusive).  The unfortunate thing about these walmart exclusives is that so many people have a hard time finding them.  It appears that Mattel or Walmart is only releasing this in certain areas around the US.  If you're in Canada (like me) or somewhere else, you can forget about it.  Ebay is your only option. 

Captain Cold and Flash from wave 7 were some of the A list characters released in 2009.  I like how Mattel has been releasing a big name hero with one of their popular arch enemies with each set. 

We also saw some New Genesis/Apokolips characters introduced such as Big Barda from wave 7, Mister Miracle from wave 6, Kalibak also from wave 6, Mantis from wave 9 and Parademon from wave 8.  Look out for more of these characters including a new Darkseid in 2010's wave 12 set. 

Below we have Hawkman from wave 6 and Gentleman Ghost from wave 8.  There were some complaints about low numbers of wave 8 and 9 being released.  I myself still have not been able to finish either set.  Gentleman Ghost was very hard to find at a reasonable price.

Below we have some of the DCUC wave 9 action figures.  Left to right is Black Canary, Green Arrow, Deadshot and Mantis.

As mentioned above, Batman fans saw a few repaints of the wave 1 Detective Batman sculpt and also got some new additions for their rogue collection.  In the pic below we have from let to right, Two-Face (DCSH repaint), Catwoman (DCSH repaint), Killer Moth from wave 6, Batman (Gotham City), Deadshot and The Joker.  Is it just me or is there a lot of purple here?

There were a few two-packs released this year.  Below we see the Clash of the Cosmos Superman and Brainiac pack.

And of course, a classic Lex Luthor which also came in the Gotham City 5 Pack.  This was the only original sculpt in the set and I'm sure a lot of people bought the set just for this figure.  Fans of the old Superfriends cartoon were surely happy with this release. 

Well, thats Mattel's DC Universe Classics 2009 wrap up for you.  2010 looks to have some interesting new releases.  Waves 11, 12 and 13 have been announced and I've also got my own person list of characters I hope to see wave 14 and 15 or any new two packs.  To check out some previews of waves 11, 12 and 13, click on the links below.

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