Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 Preview

Rumors of the DC Universe Classics wave 13 line up have been around for a while and finally we pictures of what this new wave of action figures will look like.  This wave has a heavy Teen Titans influence which may or may not appeal to you.  Lets take a look at the line up:

The first figure is the Blue Beetle.  Yes we had a Blue Beetle in Wave 7  but this figure is the Jaime Reyes version of the character.

Next Up - The Blue Devil

Here is the first action figure of the set with a variant: Negative Man

The next action figure also has a variant.  This is one of the more common Wonder Woman villans, Cheetah.  This is the modern version:

And here is the Cheetah variant in her "Superfriends" costume:

Next up is Wonder Girl aka Donna Troy:

And finally we have Superboy in his 90's look.

And the Collect and Connect action figure for wave 13 with be the Teen Titan Villian, Trigon.

So there you have it.  Your DC Universe Classics wave 13 line up.  Be sure to check out the polls on the left side of your screen and tell us what you think of this new line up.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the first wave I can safely skip many of the figures (not a TT fan). Superboy, Negative Man Cheetah are about all I need (I might pick up Wonder Girl just because she looks so good). The BAF leaves me cold as well.

Always nice to save some money (my prediction is this Wave will spell the end of the DCUC line, as I bet a lot of these are peg warmers).

Anonymous said...

superboy looks kinda gay......anywhoo, looks cool

scott said...

I am glad to see some peg warmers, it gives me time to play catch up with all the other figures that I am spending thirty dollars a piece for on Ebay.

Me said...

Totally agree with the first comment about these being peg warmers but not about it being the end of the series. There are still a number of good characters Mattel needs to release. I did skip this set but will probably still pick up the classic Cheetah at some point.

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