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DC Universe Classics Thaal Sinestro

DC Universe Classics wave 3 probably has, in my opinion, the best line up of DC comic book characters compared to any other of the other 16 waves released to date.  That being said one of the action figures from that wave also has some of the most complaints of inaccuracy, more than any other action figure in the entire DC Universe Classics toy line.  That complaint was, "Why is Sinestro so damn short??"  Well, Mattel has now corrected that and released a new Sinestro action figure in a 2 pack.  Unfortunately we are only getting a Thaal Sinestro version and not a Sinestro Corps variant this time around.  So lets take a look at Thaal Sinestro. 

Wave 3 Sinestro was quite short.  Sinestro is suppose to actually be a bit taller than his nemesis, Hal Jordan.  I believe DC has him listed as 6 feet, 7 inches.  Mattel is still using some of the same body parts from the original Wave 3 Sinestro.  The head sculpt, forearms and hands are all still the same.

If you have the DCUC wave 3 version of Thaal Sinestro you will notice that the look of this action figure is practically idential.  The only change really is the size.  Does that warrent a new purchase?  Your choice.

In general, Thaal Sinestro has a slimmer build than Hal Jordan. Most of the other body parts used here look of similar size to the ones used for Deadman from DCUC Wave 11.

The torso, upper arms and legs are very comparable to Deadman.  You can see that, aside from the different details between the two action figures, they are basically share the same body frame.

The paint job on Thaal Sinestro is pretty good.  The eyes are yellow with a black pupil which is different than my Sinestro Corps version from wave 3 which were just pure yellow eyes.  The rest of the paint job is near perfect.  No slop or weak lines to speak of.

If you buy Thaal Sinestro in the Hal Jordan vs Thaal Sinestro two pack, you'll be lucky enough to get a few constructs included with the set.  One of the complaints about these accessories is, we've seen them before.  They are for the most part, just re-colored accessories used previously on the Metal Men, Iron and Gold as well as Hawkman's mace.

The wrench accessory in the picture above is pretty cool and can actually be loosened or tightened like an actual wrench.  The problem is, it does not fit over Sinestro's forearm or hand very well.  Since it was originally made for Iron in wave 12 who has a thicker forearm sculpt than Sinestro, it sits on Sinestro's forearm quite loosely and will not stay on properly.

The pick axe accessory, which was originally used on the Gold Metal Man action figure in wave 14 fits perfectly on Sinestro's hand.  The mace does fit into Sinestro's right open hand but it is a loose fit.  The staff of the mace needs to be a bit thicker for a perfect fit.  The good thing about these constructs is they can be used with other Sinestro Corps members if they have the proper hand sculpts.  The wrench for example fits perfectly on Maash's ring hand. 

Thaal Sinestro's articulation is exactly the same as the Wave 3 version.  You get all the standard DC Universe classics joints that we've all been use to.  Joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows wrists. abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.  All joints were in fine working condition and were not too loose or tight.

Overall, Thaal Sinestro is a great action figure.  It does depict the character's classic look quite accurately however, I would probably much rather have an updated Sinestro Corps version.  I was contemplating using Sinestro's head and hands on the torso of a Maash or Low body but Thaal Sinestro's hands are too small and just doesn't look right on the more muscular body frame.  So I suppose I'll have to wait for a proper Sinestro Corps version to come out.  Maybe Mattel is saving that for the Green Lantern toy line. Anyway, at the end of the day, Thaal Sinestro corrects the height error made in DCUC wave 3 Sinestro and that is what most people were asking for.

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 9, Accessories - 7, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8

Thaal Sinestro naturally comes in a vs Hal Jordan two pack but there are tons of auctions on eBay for just Sinestro, if you're looking to update him in your collection.  If you're not buying the 2 pack, you may find it hard to get a 'loose" Sinestro with the accessories.

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics, Thaal Sinestro action figure on eBay, click here.   

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Friday, March 18, 2011

DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Wave 1 - Maash and Low

All is quiet these days on the DC Universe Classics news front ever since all the big announcements from the 2011 Toy Fair last month so that means its time for another review.  Lets make it 2 reviews  in one post this time and go back to the DC Universe Classics Green Lantern wave 1 set and review Maash and Low:

When you buy either a DCUC Maash or Low action figure you get one standard Sinestro Corps male body with interchangeable heads and hands of both characters.  I have purchased 2 action figures so I can have one body for each.  You can never have enough Sinestro Corps members to battle with your Green Lantern action figures. 

We've seen the body sculpt used for Maash and Low before.  Specifically on "The Color of Fear" two pack which features fellow Corps members Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil.  Maash and Low's bodies are the exact same body sculpt and paint job used on Romat-Ru.  Changing the head and hands of these two action figures is quite simple. The heads can be pop off rather easily but, no worries, once they are on, they are quite secure.  The hands require a bit more force to pop out but not that much.  The good thing, you probably have a very low change of damaging or breaking this toy which you've paid your good hard earned money on.

The paint job on the body sculpts is mediocre.  In some areas between the yellow and black colors you get some faded lines that aren't as sharp as they should be.   It was really the same problems I had with Sinestro from wave 2.  There is some areas of red shading on the yellow parts of the Corps Uniform.  Specifically on the shoulders and boots. 

Maash (above), in my opinion, is the looker of the two.  He, by far, has the best head sculpt.  His three screaming heads look amazing and the paint job on the heads is near perfect. 

Low (above) on the other hand, is not as impressive and that is probably totally due to the look of the character and not at all due to "the Horsemen" or Mattel.  Low's skin shows some great texture and the hand sculpts are unique.  The mouth is an long open tube.  I wish the teeth looked a little more sharp and ferocious.

Maash and Lows articulation is standard compared to most other DC Universe Classics action figures.  All the standard joints are there.  Both Maash and Low's heads pretty much works like a cut joint.  They only twist left and right with no up or down movement.  All other joints (shoulders, biceps, elbows wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles) were in fine working condition. 

Other than Arkillo's left leg and the lame paper 3D glasses, you get interchangeable heads and hands of Maash and Low.  No other accessories are included.  But that doesn't mean you can't use other Sinestro Corps constructs from other DCUC action figures.  Thaal Sinestro's wrench construct fits quite perfectly on Maash's left ring hand. 

Unfortunately for Low, since he has been sculpted with open hands, i don't have any accessories that fit him so it might be tough for him to win a fight against a GL.

Overall, Maash and Low are pretty good action figures to have.  Especially if you've got other Sinestro Corps members in your collection.  You can set up some pretty good action displays with this group of Corps and GL members. 

A few minor paint issues but in the end, totally worth the purchase.  If you like to keep your toys on display it may even be worth picking up a two of these bad boys so you can have a body for each head. 

Maash: Sculpt - 8.5, Paint - 7, Articulation - 8.5, Accessories - 5, Fun - 8.5
Low:  Sculpt - 8, Paint - 7, Articulation 8.5, Accessories - 5, Fun - 8. 

The DCUC Green Lantern toy series is now into its second wave so finding a Maash or Low may start to get difficult.  eBay is always a good source finding these action figures so if you're on the hunt for one of these bad boys, go check it out. 

To find DC Universe Classics Green Lantern - Maash on eBayclick here

To find DC Universe Classics Green Lantern - Low on eBay, click here 

To find other DC Universe Classics action figures on eBay, click here

Maash and Low look great with DCUC Wave 2's Sinestro (even though he's a shorter Sinestro).  Both are a great purchase for any Green Lantern fan. 

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Bane

Although I have not completed all the DCUC Collect and Connect action figures from the DC Universe Classics toy line, Bane was one I NEEDED to get right away.  He's not as classic as The Joker, The Riddler or Catwoman, but he is one of the main bad guys in the Batman world and the only man to have successfully broken the bat back when he made his comic debut in the 1993 classic Knightfall comic series.
Mattel gave us a Bane action figure in the DC Superheroes toy line a few years back and quite frankly, it just didn't cut it, lacking size and articulation.  I think Mattel will get it right this time around.  Lets take a look at DCUC Wave 16s CNC action figure, Bane:

Bane on eBay:

Unlike the DC Superheroes version of Bane, this DC Universe Classics version has proper joints in his hips and can stand up right.  As far as the look goes, this is classic Bane in which his Mexican wrestling mask black gear. The muscle shirt is a separate piece from Banes torso. 

From the side, you can see the hose where Bane's venom is suppose to be distributed to his head.  The hose is removable, of course, how else are you suppose to beat him?

Close up, Bane is big and muscular, but there is still a generic feeling to the sculpt.  I feel a bit more muscle definition and veins are needed here.  But all in all not bad.  The older version, below right, had more definition which is the only plus over the current Wave 16 Bane.  Old Bane's hips joints could not swing outward leaving him stuck in the ridiculous open leg stance. 

The paint job is clean as it should be.  It's not like Bane has a lot of coloring going on.  Mostly Black and skin tone with a bit of shading and some silver, white and red on his mask.  Not difficult and looks good. 

Lots of muscles popping out here:

As far as size goes, Bane fits right in the middle with the other taller DC Universe action figures.  I know, Mongul and Clayface are not CNC but they are taller than the regular action figures.  Bane seems to be on par with Gorilla Grodd in the height department

Compared to the Batman, Bane towers over him by a good couple of inches.

There are no additional accessories with Bane.  Bane is in fact himself, an accessory to the action figures in the DCUC Wave 16 set.  So if you were hoping for something extra like Bane's teddy Bear, "Osito" then you're outta luck. 

Articulation on Bane is, as mentioned previously, way better than the DC Superheroes version of Bane and lives up to the DC Universe Classics standards.  Joints in the neck, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.  All joints were in fine working condition.  Sometimes these collect and connect figures have looser joints than usual.  Bane's upper body is tight but his legs are a tad on the loose side but this differs with each action figure i find.   

Overall, if you're a Batman fan, you gotta have Bane.  If you have one of the DC Superheroes Bane action figure, it will not do.  This, the DCUC Wave 16 collect and connect Bane is for you.  I have some minor complaints about the sculpt but he fits right in with the other Batman rogues the Mattel has given us.  With the new "Dark Knight Rises" movie coming out in 2012, you can bet that this action figure is going to be a hot ticket, much like Two-Face was when "The Dark Knight" came out.  Now Mattel needs to re-do Killer Croc and I will be happy. 

Sculpt/Design - 8, Paint - 8, Accessories - N/A, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9
Value - 8/10

DCUC Wave 16 is in online store now and you'll probably find them at various wal-marts, targets or toys r us around the USA (if you're lucky).  Most of us will have to rely on eBay and other online options. 

If you'd like to just buy Bane and none of the other DC Universe Classics Wave 16 action figures, it is possible.  There are many auctions on eBay that sell just the Collect and Connect pieces.  Check it out:

To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Bane on eBay, click here

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

DC Universe Classics - The Riddler - Wave 16

With all the announcements last month, I'm starting to fall behind on reviews a bit.  When wave 16 was announced, it was bitter sweet for me.  As a Batman fan, I really wanna see Mattel give us as many DC Universe Classics Batman related characters as possible. So when I saw the line up for wave 16 with Riddler, Robin and Bane specifically, I was happy with the way they looked in the demo pictures but a bit ticked too.  We've already gotten 2 versions of Robin and a Riddler already.  Plus Bane as covered in the DC Superheroes toy line back in 2007-08.  Give us new Batman characters Mattel!!!  They are DC's bread and butter!  Hopefully we'll see more with the new Batman Legacy toy line.  So with regards to The Riddler, this is a different version compared to the DCUC Wave 5 RiddlerWave 16 Riddler resembles the more "campy" version that people may most remember from the Super Friends cartoon back in the late 70s early 80s.  So lets take a closer look. 

I don't like to spend a lot of time going over the packaging but here are the pictures for those interested. 

This is the version of the Riddler in his jumpsuit.  Body parts used here have been seen before on countless DCUC action figures.  You've got the very basic torso, arms and legs that we've seen so many times.  The paint job makes The Riddler unique.  It is spot on to his classic look covered in question marks. 

The head sculpt is unique and supports some good detail and a classic sinister smirk.  Mattel couldn't really use the same head sculpt from Wave 5 as that version of the Riddler supports a hat and does not really fit in with this version. 

Here's a close up shot, you can see the great detail work in the face.  No complaints with the head sculpt or the paint job.  He's does look pretty good.  The color scheme used is spot on to this version of the Riddler. 

A side by side comparison between Wave 16 (left) and Wave 5(right) Riddler's, its looks as though the Riddler has been on steroids between wave 5 and wave 16.   This is a much more muscular version, perhaps too muscular some might say.  But i think its a good fit.  The torso is less boxy and has bigger legs, arms and shoulders in Wave 16 Riddler. 

For the Riddler to be the same size Batman is probably not accurate but i still think Mattel has pulled off a good look. If you look at the picture below of the Riddler, he does have some pretty good muscle definition in the comics.  If you're gonna wear a jump suit, you better be in good shape!  I'm pretty sure if a smaller sculpt was used, say the size of Wave 16, Mercury or even a shorter body type like Wave 2 Sinestro, people would complain that he is too small.

As for accessories, in addition to the collect and connect action figure piece of Bane included with the Riddler, you will also get the same Question Mark Staff that we got in the Wave 5 version.  It fits nicely into his left had.  Riddlers right hand is a closed fist this time.

As for The Riddlers articulation, its the same as we've been use to since this toy line began.  He has joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, quads, knees and ankles.  There are no double jointed knees or elbows or hinged wrists or ankles on this action figure unlike some of the others DCUC wave 16 action figures (like Robin).  All joints were in find working condition out of the package.  Not to loose or too stiff.  Another plus over wave 5's Riddler, is the leg joints can get more movement now that he does not have that long suit jacket on. 

Overall, I'd say that the Riddler is a great action figure.  If you're putting together a classic Legion of Doom collection, this is the Riddler you want over the Wave 5 version.  Also, if you're a Batman fan, its a must have.  The paint job is close to perfect and along with the usual great articulation you are getting a awesome action figure.  I really, really like this version of the Riddler.  I think those of you that collect this toy line will be quite happy with it.
Sculpt - 9, Paint - 10, Accessories - 5, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8, Value 8

To find DC Universe Classics Wave 16's The Riddler on eBay, click here

To find other DC Universe Classics action figures on eBay, click here

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