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DC Universe Classics - The Creeper

All the recent news from the 2011 SDCC recently has caused me to fall behind on some of my DC Universe Classics action figure reviews.  It's been a while so since Wave 18 is just starting to come out and I've pretty much decided to skip the rainbow lantern wave 17 (for now), lets jump back to the DCUC Wave 16 set and take a look at Jack Ryder, aka The Creeper.  

In addition to The Creeper, DCUC Wave 16 consists of The Riddler, Robin, Jonah Hexx, Mercury, Azrael Batman and the CnC, Bane.   (click links to see their reviews)

Here's a look at The Creeper's packaging for those of you that keep their toys in the original packaging.  Plastic bubble packaging on the front, some nice graphics and the back shows you the entire line up of wave 16 and includes a little blurb about your creepy new toy.  

Once you take your Creeper out of the package you will notice that the giant red fur attached to his back. It's a solid piece and quite heavy.  It does makes it a little difficult to make the action figure stand upright without him falling backwards.

The skinnier body sculpt of the Creeper is very similar to that of Deadman from DCUC Wave 11 and Thaal Sinestro from the Hal Jordan/Sinestro Toys R US two pack.  There are a lot of things that make Creeper unique though.  The aforementioned fur on his back, the great head sculpt and the detailed black fur around his boots and gloves

The Creeper's head sculpt is...well, creepy!  Great detail in the hair, mouth and face nails this character's comic book likeness. 

The Creeper has got to be ranked up there as being one of the weirdest looking characters in the DC Universe. A dude who is completely yellow with a furry red back and wears green striped undies.
The paint job on Creeper is very clean.  Not noticeable flaws or smudges.  There isn't too much detail in the body so it would be hard to screw the paint job up on this action figure.  The only major difficult painting area would be just the face and it is done well. 

Articulation is also really good thanks to Mattel including the double hinged knee and elbow joints which similar DCUC action figures Deadman and Thaal Sinestro do not have. The black fur around the elbow joints slightly limits the action figure's full range of motion but other than that, The Creeper is as good as it gets in this department.  It would be nice if there was more flexibility in the ankle joints to allow deeper bends which would allow some more accurate Creeper posing. 

Forget about any accessories with this action figure.  Creeper only comes with the Collect and Connect piece of Bane (his right arm).  As nice as it is to get some kind of additional accessories with you're DCUC action figures, I'm really not sure what else Mattel could have included.

Even though The Creeper is not an A list character in the DC Universe or even in the Batman Universe for that matter, Mattel has done a good job giving us another accurate version of the comic book character.  Creeper is still a cool action figure that DC fans and DC Universe Classics collector should be very happy with.
Sculpt/Design - 8, Paint - 10, Articulation - 9.5, Accessories - 0, Fun - 7

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Scott Bryan said...

Great review!

akella said...

The Creeper is funny and. creepy :)))) at the same time.. i like it very much!

Playmobil Adventure said...

The Creeper is quite an eccentric figure in the DC Universe, who possesses superhuman agility, stamina, strength and healing factor. It’s his insane ways that has garnered him the reputation of being unstable. The action figure is absolutely fantastic. In a world where everyone is dressed in dark colours, the Creeper’s flair for flamboyancy is actually quite refreshing and really stands out.

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