Saturday, January 21, 2012

Batman Legacy - Catman

Time to finish up my review of Mattel's Batman Legacy Wave 2 set.  If you missed them, I've already reviewed Golden Aged Batman and Batgirl.  Click on the links to see those reviews.  This review will be on the third and final action figure of the set, Catman.

The first thing you'll notice is Catman essentially looks similar to Batman.  Mattel is basically using the same body sculpt for this action figure as it has used for all the DC Universe Classics and Batman Legacy versions of Batman.  Clearly the detail is different but basically, he the same size as Bats. 

The differences are the Catman is supporting a longer cape, the belt is more of a leathery look and the cowel is slightly different that Batman.

Close up, you can see Catman's eyes under his cowl, unlike any Batman action figure which all hide Batman's eyes (painted white).  Catman's head sculpt is good.  Cleanly painted blue eyes and we're seeing more DC action figures supporting a some stubble on the face (Captain Boomerang for example).  It looks good.  Catman's paint job is really good as well.

As far as accessories go, Catman is the only action figure in the Batman Legacy Wave 2 set that comes with something other than an action figure stand.  As seen below, Catman comes with to hand held claws.  I'm actually not sure if I've placed them correctly in his hands but they are pretty cool and fit well in his hands. 

There is nothing new here with articulation.  If you have any of the DCUC Batman figures, Catman has the exact same articulation.  Mattel has not changed anything here or added either of the new elbow or knee joints.

Overall, Catman is cool, and he is a good addition for you Secret Six fans out there (including Bane from Wave 16 and Deadshot from Wave 9).  Although Catman is clearly not one of the main Batman characters, it is nice to get someone new instead of seeing another Joker or Riddler.  I'm still waiting for a Ra's Al Ghul, a new sculpt Scarecrow and many more Batman Baddies from the Rogue Gallery.  Mattel, are you listening??
Anyway, go out and buy this bad boy.  Collectors won't be disappointed.  

 If you can't find these Batman Legacy action figures in at your local toy stores, then eBay is your best option.  with Wave 3 coming out very soon, you can expect to find some decent deals on these wave 2 action figures. 

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To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Deadshot on eBay, click here.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Batman Legacy - Batgirl

It will be interesting to see where Mattel takes this Batman Legacy toy line, and how long it will last.  So far, we haven't seen to many new characters like so many people have been hoping for.  Wave 2 has been out for a while and wave 3 will be released shortly, so I figured its probably a good time to start finishing up my Batman Legacy wave 2 action figure reviews.  So today's review will be on Batgirl.

I mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of the female body sculpts.  For you new collectors out there, know they very skinny compared to the male characters.  With the exception of  Wonder Woman, Big Barda and Hawkgirl from the DC Universe Classics toy line which are all very good action figures and a bigger body type.  These smaller female characters though have very skinny arms and legs, so sometimes, they are packaged so tightly that it abnormally bends plastic and warps their arms and/or legs.  Other female characters of similar build to this Batgirl action figure are Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Cheetah, Donna Troy and Star Sapphire. 

So my main problem with this Batgirl is, due to the packaging, she comes out of the box with her right leg abnormally warped as you can see below in the picture on your left.  The legs and arms are so thin that plastic bends so easily.

As you probably know, we've seen this Batgirl action figure before.  It was originally released as a two pack with Batman in the DC Superheroes toy line back in 2007 or 2008 and then re-released again in another two pack with Azrael.  This Batman Legacy version is just a repaint. 

Here are look at Batgirl from all angles.  You can see the warped right leg above.  Other than my issues with the body size, it really is a good looking action figure. The hair is sculpted really well but it does restrict the head movement so you cannot get full use of the neck joint.  Other than that, the articulation on this action figure is what you would expect.  All the usual joints are here including the hip joints which Mattel has occasionally exclude from certain female action figures (Black Canary and Zatanna for example)

I definitely like the paint colors better on this version, than the previously released Batgirl action figure. For the most part the paint job on this action figure was fairly clean except for a small area around her nose where the black paint has smudged over the line a little. 

The original Batgirl action figures in both the DC Superheroes toy line and the DC Universe Classics toy line both included a small batarang for Batgirl which fit into the small slot molded in her fist.  This time around in the Batman Legacy version, you do not get any weapons of the sort.  The only things included with this action figure are a mini-poster and the action figure stand seen in the picture below.

Well, Batman fans will be happy with this action figure.  Hopefully not to many of you will have the same problem I did with the warped leg because that is mainly the only flaw here.  A Batman collection isn't complete without a proper Batgirl action figure. 

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