Friday, March 30, 2012

DC Universe All-Stars - Wave 1 changes

So it appears Mattel has decided to "Tweek" its DC Universe All-Stars line up for both wave 1 and wave 2.  This is probably a good thing.  If you recall, wave was was initially suppose to include Larfleeze, Batman Beyond (DCUC wave 4 re-release), Superboy Prime and Plastic Man.  I know, not too exciting....  Wave 2 consisted of the "New 52" JLA Superman and Flash, as well as Red Robin and a repainted Supergirl action figure.

Well, apparently there has been a change.  Although no official announcement has been made by Mattel, judging by certain online toy stores, it now appears that your DC Universe All-Stars wave 1 line up will consist of the "New 52" JLA Superman AND BATMAN as well as Red Robin and Superboy Prime. 

The addition of Batman and Superman to the Wave 1 line up is probably a good idea.  Introducing a new toy line to the general public, you might wanna start with your strong characters. 

Batman looks pretty cool.  Appears to be a new head sculpt and a raised Batman symbol on his chest. 

No word yet on what the re-vamped wave 2 set will look like.  But stay tuned. 

Also for those of you interested in Mattel's Infinite Earths Club, the following action figures will be released over the next few months:

May: Golden Age The Flash
June: Atrocitus (monthly figure) & Metron (club-exclusive)
July: Starman (monthly figure) & Rocket Red (club quarterly figure)
August: Mirror Master
September: Black Mask

One question - Where is Poison Ivy?? 

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