Friday, March 30, 2012

DC Universe All-Stars - Wave 1 changes

So it appears Mattel has decided to "Tweek" its DC Universe All-Stars line up for both wave 1 and wave 2.  This is probably a good thing.  If you recall, wave was was initially suppose to include Larfleeze, Batman Beyond (DCUC wave 4 re-release), Superboy Prime and Plastic Man.  I know, not too exciting....  Wave 2 consisted of the "New 52" JLA Superman and Flash, as well as Red Robin and a repainted Supergirl action figure.

Well, apparently there has been a change.  Although no official announcement has been made by Mattel, judging by certain online toy stores, it now appears that your DC Universe All-Stars wave 1 line up will consist of the "New 52" JLA Superman AND BATMAN as well as Red Robin and Superboy Prime. 

The addition of Batman and Superman to the Wave 1 line up is probably a good idea.  Introducing a new toy line to the general public, you might wanna start with your strong characters. 

Batman looks pretty cool.  Appears to be a new head sculpt and a raised Batman symbol on his chest. 

No word yet on what the re-vamped wave 2 set will look like.  But stay tuned. 

Also for those of you interested in Mattel's Infinite Earths Club, the following action figures will be released over the next few months:

May: Golden Age The Flash
June: Atrocitus (monthly figure) & Metron (club-exclusive)
July: Starman (monthly figure) & Rocket Red (club quarterly figure)
August: Mirror Master
September: Black Mask

One question - Where is Poison Ivy?? 



These are great. I have a thing for batman figs. and I don't see how I could pass this one up! I do some of the DC stuff on my site. Check me out,

Educational Toys said...

Bigger chest for batman goes very well. Also little darker blue shaded for superman look better.

glen soikie said...

i love this site keep up the good work

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