Saturday, July 14, 2012

SDCC 2012 - Mattel DC Club Infinite Earths announcements

There's a lot going on this weekend down at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con and Mattel had some new announcements with regards to their DC Universe action figures.  Mattel has announced the monthly action figures which Club Infinite Earth members will be getting over the next year.  So far, Mattel has already released  The Golden Age Flash - Jay Garrick, Metron and Atrocitus.  Here is the rest of the line up, the first 5 or so aren't new but hang tight:

So, we already know, that for July 2012 there will be two releases: 

 First will be the monthly figure - Starman complete with a 2nd head. 

As well as the Quarterly OVERSIZED action figure, Red Rocket.  Price for this action figure is going to be quite a bit higher than your standard monthly releases.  

Coming in August 2012:

Another Flash rogue makes the cut, Mirror Master.  Comes with a couple sweet looking guns. 

Coming in Sep 2012: 

One I've been waiting for - Black Mask.  Love seeing these new Batman villains coming in and it looks like we'll get a few accessories with him.  I wonder why they didn't just use them in the Batman Legacy toy line, which appears to be at an end as I have not seen anything new with regards to this line.  Anyway, on to the next month.

Coming in October 2012:

Another Batman villain Poison Ivy, she looks great but no acessories.  Like the green skin version. Officially, we knew she was coming but weren't sure what month her release was.  Now its official.

Now we get into the new announcements for the Club Infinite Earths action figures. 

Also the Quarterly OVERSIZED figure coming in October: 

Elasti-Girl complete with a mini-version.

Coming in November 2012: 

Uncle Sam with Dollarman & Constantine

Coming in December 2012:

Platinum and Tin.  Much like Poison Ivy, we've seen these figures already but weren't sure of their release.  Also to be released in Dec 2012 is:


Mattel also pointed out that  "pending a min number of subscribers", the Club Infinite Earths will continue in 2013.  Assuming Mattel gets the right number of subscriptions, we will see the following figures:

Coming in January 2013:

 Saint Walker

Coming in February 2013

Phantom Stranger

Coming in March 2013

Elongated Man

Coming in April 2013

Orange Lantern: Larfleeze which we did hear about and was suppose to be included in the DC Universe All-Stars series before Mattel rehashed the line up.  

Also coming in April - for subscription members only:

Monseiur Mallah.  Looks like Mattel borrowed a few pieces from Gorilla Grodd on this one.

 And finally, the last figure announced - Coming in May 2013:

The Flash (3) aka Wally West.  

That Covers the Club Infinite Earths news from the 2012 SDCC.  I will post later on about more DC action figures at the show such as the Movie Masters and more news Mattel has announced regarding future DC Universe toy lines, so be sure to check back.

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