Friday, November 21, 2008

DC Universe Classics - 2 Pack preview

I'm not sure why Mattel has decided to go exclusively with certain stores on some of their products. First the DC Universe Classics wave 5 becomes a Walmart exclusive and then they announce that their DCUC 2 packs will be Toys R Us exclusive. This just makes it even harder to find these action figures.

Anyway, according to, these two packs are now available so go check out your local Toys R Us stores. I have yet to see a trace of them myself but I'll be keeping an eye out for them up here in the Great White North. I have a feeling that I'll have to resort to eBay for these as well.

Lets take a look at these new packs in no particular order. (all pictures are from the Mattycollector website) :

The first pack is the Batman figure pack which includes a couple of re-released figures from the DC Superheroes line, Batgirl and Azrael.

Back in 2006, this Batgirl action figure was only available via the Batman/Batgirl two pack. From what I've read, there is no difference between the original figure and this new one. Azrael was part of the DC Superheroes series 3 set and was and still is one of the hardest figures to find from this toy line. I for one am glad to see the Azrael re-release as it gives collectors a 2nd chance at getting this figure at a reasonable cost.

The next set is the Super Enemies Figure pack and also consists of re-released action figures of the DC Superheroes toy line.

First we have Cyborg Superman from DCSH series 6 which is probably the #1 most wanted toy from this series. There were so few Cyborg Supes available during it original release that it was next to impossible for people to find this action figure. eBay prices for this action figure go for between $50-$100 so hopefully with the release of this two pack, collectors can get this figure at retail cost. The second figure is also from DCSH series 6, Mongul. This figure did not have the same distribution issues as Cyborg Superman and the current asking price on eBay for this figure alone is in the $10-$15 range.

The third set is the New Gods Figure Pack and includes a brand new character that we have not seen before in this toy line.

The first figure is a variant of Orion from the DC Universe Classics series 1 set. The difference between this figure and the series 1 version is that Orion's helmet is removable. The other difference is that you do not get the Collect and Connect piece of Rex Mason in this 2 pack. The new figure is Lightray. He appears to have the same body sculpt as Orion with a new different head and paint job.

The final Toys R Us exclusive pack is the Green Lantern figure pack which again includes a variant of a previous released figure and a new character.

First, we have a variant of Hal Jordon from DCUC series 3. This sculpt is exactly the same as the previous version but the uniform is painted slightly different. There is no green on his shoulders on this new version and you do not get the Collect & Connect piece of Solomon Grundy. The second figure is Abin Sur and appears to be the exact same body sculpt as Hal with a new head sculpt. Included in the pack appears to be only one Lantern, which is of course, green. is also releasing a separate two pack with all new characters and can only be ordered online from their store for $25.00 plus shipping.

This exclusive is called the Space Heroes 2 pack and consists of Adam Strange and Starfire. Unfortunately this pack will not be available until sometime in December. A hard date has not be set yet. I believe that Mattel has also promised to release an online exclusive 2 pack once a month in 2009 but don't quote me on that.
Some might also be interested in the DC Universe Classics stands available. For $12 you can get a pack of 25 of these stands if you feel you need them. I for one find that my DCUC figures stand well enough on their own so, to me, they're not all that necessary. Depending on how you display your figures, they may prove to be useful. One negative in my opinion though is that they are blue. Why not make them colorless???

I'll definitely be getting the packs with Cyborg Superman and Azrael since they are missing from my collection. I'll see what I can get my hands on and of course post a review.
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DC Universe Classics - Series 8 Announcement

So far, Mattel has released 4 sets of their DC Universe Classics action figures. We know which characters are coming out for series 5-7 in the next few months. If you don't, here's a DCUC checklist for you. Well now there is more good news for DCUC collectors out there. Mattel has just announced which characters will be in their wave 8 set which is suppose to hit stores in the Spring of 2009. There are 7 figures to this set, two of which have variants and of course they all come with a "Collect and Connect" piece. Here's a look at the DCUC series 8 line up. All of the following pictures are from


Gentleman Ghost

Mr. Terrific

Commander Steel


Parademon (Red & Yellow Variants)

Dr. Fate (Modern & Classic Variants)

And your collect and connect figure is.......Standing at 10 inches tall....GIGANTA

A pretty cool set if you ask me. Can't wait.

In other news

My DC Universe Classics series 4 set has finally arrived at my doorstep. With series 2 and 3, I did one massive post for each set. We'll, for series 4, I've decided that Im going to focus on one figure per post. I haven't cracked them open yet but I have to say that Ares looks like he's gonna be the best of the lot. Wonder Woman does not look too bad either. Look for the first review in a day or two.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

DC Superheroes - Lex Luthor

Continuing with the Mattel DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics theme, today we'll check out the action figure of who is arguably the #1 villain in the DC comic book world, Lex Luthor. (Fans of The Joker may argue that.)

This action figure was originally released in Series 4 of the DC Superheroes toy line back in 2006. Obviously this is Lex Luthor in his battle suit and it borrows heavily from the Mr. Freeze toy that Mattel has re-released a few times. The legs and biceps are virtually the same parts as Freeze. The gloves appear to be a similar mold but have a slightly different design.

Beyond that, there are some new parts to give it its own individuality. The head sculpt is spot on Lex Luthor with an arrogant smirk on his face. His green armor piece around his shoulders is bulky and has some matching detail similar to the detail around the legs and arms. The skirt around his waist is made of a softer plastic and has its own unique design. Finally his belt is very well detailed as well.

Lex's paint job is really good. His face is free of smudges and the eye, eyebrows are painted on perfectly. The spot with the most imperfections is probably around the skirt which as a few purple paint spots over the lines, but its very, very minor.

Luthor comes with slick looking ray gun and a piece of kryptonite to keep Superman off his back. The kryptonite can either fit in Lex's hands or in the slot at the top of the gun. Like the figure itself, the gun has a cool design with a fair amount of detail. Lex also comes with a Supergirl reprint comic book. Series 4 of the DCSH toy line was the last to include comic book reprints.

Lex's articulation is really good but unfortunately some joints have limited movement due to the toy's design. Lex has joints in his neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, forearms, a swivel upper abdominal, waist, thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Since the shoulder piece is so big and bulky, it obstructs the shoulder joints from their full potential movement so the arms cannot be raised straight about his head. Also, the skirt around Lex's waist is tightly wrapped around the hips and this completely reduces his hip movement in all directions. This probably could have been avoided if new parts were made for the hips and the skirt was included in the part instead of being a separate piece.

Overall, this is a great looking figure of Lex Luthor but some may be ticked about the limitations in the hips and shoulder joints caused by the design. My opinion is that he fits in great regardless with Superman and the other figures from Mattel's DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics toy line. I like having a Lex Luthor that is capable of battling it out with Supes. I do however would not mind seeing Mattel produce a new Luthor action figure with completely new parts and without the battle suit down the road. Such a high profile character deserves it.

Sculpt/Design - 7, Paint - 9, Accessories - 7, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8
Lex Luthor Overall Score 8/10

This is a discontinued toy but still can be found online. eBay is your best bet to find a deal. Prices really vary from $12-$45 plus shipping. To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Lex Luthor on eBay, click here.
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