Saturday, September 11, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Preview

Time for another preview, very recently, Mattel announced their next DC Universe Classics line up.  This time for wave #16 and it has a little bit of a Batman theme going.  So lets get to it:

First we have "The Creeper"

Johan Hex:


We have a 2 different versions of classic Robin.  The only difference is the head.  This appears to be the only character in wave 16 with a variant.  First we have "Classic Robin : Vintage Head":

and then we have "Classic Robin: Modern Head" :

For those of you not happy with The Riddler from Wave 5, we're going to be given a more classic look (Think Superfriends version):

And finally, Azrael Batman:

The CnC action figure for wave 16 and a pretty good choice IMO, but Mattel has given us 2 versions of this character in the previous DC Superheroes toy line.  Judging by the pictures though, this will be a much better action figure.  Bane:

So there you have it.  Personally, the most appealing figures here are the Riddler, Modern head Robin and possibly the Azrael Batman.......maybe Creeper too....maybe.  Bane was a good choice for the CnC figure considering the DC Superheroes Bane version lacked articulation and quite frankly, was sub-par.  That being said, Im still waiting for a whole slew of Batman characters to be released in the DCUC lineup, starting with Ra's Al Gul, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Black Mask and who would be better in the Batman universe for a CnC figure than Killer Croc??  (the DC Superheroes version of Croc was crap!) Get on it Mattel!!  Not sure i want SOOOOO many versions of Batman, Riddler and Robin when there are so many more characters they can tap into. 

This set won't be out for some time, probably Q1, 2011 but if you'd like to search for your favorite DC Universe Classics action figure, the best place to find the one you want, is ebay! 

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