Friday, April 1, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Azrael Batman

We've gotten an Azrael action figure before from Mattel.  Originally in the DC Super Heroes toy line then re-released in a 2 pack with Batgirl in 2009.  Back when Bane broke Batman's back in the Knightfall series, someone new had to step in and take over for Bruce Wayne.  Enter Jean Paul Valley, aka Azrael.  DC Universe Classics wave 16 includes a this new Azrael Batman action figure so lets take a closer look:

If you buy this bad boy brand new, then below is what it will look like.  Typical Mattel DCUC packaging.  For all you people unfamiliar with Azrael Batman, a nice little blurb on the back of the packaging will give you a quick briefing. 

Since there hasn't been a DCUC action figure quite like Azrael Batman, his sculpt is quite unique and original.  From what i can tell, the only reused parts on this action figure appear to be the upper portion of Az-Bats legs as well as the abdominal portion. 

The blue armor and wings are made up of a semi hard plastic that can be slightly bent.  These pictures were taken fresh out of the packaging and you can tell, that due to the packaging, his "wings" kind of lean to the left.  After a little while out of the package, they seemed to settle in their proper position.  

The gold armor over Az-Bats arms and shoulders have some sweet detail work as do the gauntlets over his forearms and hands.  The buckleless belt is also looks pretty cool nicely designed with individual pocket.  The helmet kind of reminds me of Optimus Prime or Soundwave from the original Transformers but overall a great original sculpt true to the character.

There really is no comparison between the original Azrael action figure released in the DC Super Heroes line up and the new DCUC Wave 16 Azrael Batman version.  They are completely different but both very cool so if you have the original Azrael, that is not an excuse to not get this one.   

In the accessory department, Azrael Batman only comes with the collect and connect piece of Bane (the right leg) and nothing else.  But because this Az-Bat action figure is so cool and his armor is suppose to be supporting his weapons arsenal, its really not a big complaint. 

All the articulation that we've been used to with DCUC action figures is included with Azrael Batman with just a little more.  Included are the new double joints in the knees which allows for a bit deeper bending positions.  The elbow joints are also a tad different supporting swivel hinged joints (similar to his shoulders) instead of the usual hinged or the newer double hinged elbow joints.  These joints are a little restrictive at the elbow but do work well with the sculpt of the action figure.  The neck joint and the shoulder joints do not get full movement unfortunately due to the sculpting of Azrael's armor. 

Although not a very common character in the DC Universe (he's currently deceased and last made a very small appearance in the Blackest Night comic series), this version of Azrael is a very sweet action figure. Batman fans shouldn't pass up on this great collectible. 

Design/Sculpt - 9.5, Paint - 9, Accessories - N/A, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9

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