Saturday, March 21, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Superman (Recovery Suit)

Today's review will be the final figure from Mattel's DC Universe Series 6, Superman (Recovery Suit Variant).

If you're looking to buy this DCUC Superman (Recovery Suit) action figure from eBay, click here . Now, on to the review.

The body is generally a reuse of body parts but the head is a new sculpt complete with mullet haircut. The figure stands at about 6 1/4 inch tall.

Really a simple figure, Other than the silver "S" symbol on his chest, and the silver around his wrists and toes, His uniform is all black. Not much to screw up in the paint department on this action figure.
The head sculpt is good and resembles Supes pretty well. Its paint job is pretty clean except around the ear where the black and skin tone colors tend to overlap where they shouldn't.
The picture above is just to compared to the DCSH Superman action figure and DCUC Eradicator to this DCUC Superman Recovery Suit variant.
Don't expect this Superman figure to come with any accessories other than the standard collect and connect piece of Kalabak.
Since the body parts are mostly reused, you can expect the articulation to be the same as most other DCUC action figures as well. Mullet head Supes has all the standard joints. Neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.
Despite the simple costume design and constant reuse of body parts by Mattel, this is still a decent Superman action figure which collectors should enjoy. The other variant for this Superman action figure is with the same mullet head sculpt and the classic red and blue costume so you have two to choose from. They both come with the same Collect and Connect piece of Kalabak.
Sculpt/Design - 8, Paint - 8, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8
Overall Score - 7.5/10

I'm a big fan of using eBay to find these DC Universe Classics action figures so if you're looking to find yourself one of these Superman Recovery Suit figures from Wave 6, then you can try finding him on eBay by clicking here.
So that's it for the DCUC wave 6 action figures. The next review will be of the wave 6 Collect and Connect action figure, Kalabak so be sure to check back for more reviews, news and updates on Mattel's DC Universe Classics action figures.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Captain Marvel

Shazam! aka Captain Marvel is the next DC Universe Classics action figure up for review.

If you're interested in purchasiong Mattel's DCUC Captain Marvel from eBay, click here. Now on to the review.

You will notice a similar body sculpt with Captain Marvel compare to many DCUC action figures. Specifically the legs and arms. The chest is slightly different as Captain Mavel's outfit kind of overlaps across the chest. His cape is also unique compared to other characters as it hangs more off of his right shoulder.

The head sculpt is also unique, as it should be and Captain Marvel supports a strong jaw and a big grin.

The paint job is well done, especially the symbols that run along the back of his cape. No smudging or overlapping at all. There is some dark shading around the biceps and thighs as well as some gawd awful red shading around on his yellow boots. I complain about this every time, why are they shading over yellow with red? I don't like it. See my DCUC Mr. Miracle, Robin and Red Tornado reviews for more examples of this.

If you're looking for an action figure that comes packed full of accessories, you've picked the wrong toy. Aside from the collect and connect piece of Kalabak, our buddy Shazam comes with jack squat! But that's not unusual for these figures. Sometimes there is just nothing extra to give a character.

If you are familiar with this toy line, then you are familiar with the articulation these action figures generally have and Captain Marvel is no different. He has all the usual joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, thighs, knees and ankles.

Overall, Captain Marvel is a about par for the course compared to other DCUC action figures from this series. Good sculpt and paint job with the usual articulation that we've all come to expect and love about these toys.

Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 8, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9
Overall Score - 8/10

With the DCUC wave 7 now coming out, you might be able to pick up a Captain Marvel rather cheaply on eBay.
To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Captain Marvel on eBay, click here
Thanks for reading as always, be sure to come back for more reviews on the remaining DCUC wave 6 characters as well as wave 7.

Monday, March 2, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Killer Moth

Next up for review is the DC Universe Classics wave 6 action figure of Killer Moth by Mattel.

To buy Killer Moth on eBay, click here. On to the review!

Of all the DCUC action figures so far, the Killer Moth character has got to rank right up there with Amazo as having one of the lamest costumes. Of course this is not Mattel or the Four Horseman's fault. The action figure is a great likeness of the comic book character. So lets not fault the toy for that reason.

One thing that stands out from the other DCUC action figures are Killer Moths wings. Unlike DCUC wave 6 Hawkman however, Killer Moths wings are not adjustable and have no extra joints.

The sculpt uses a lot of familiar body parts which we've seen on many other DCUC figures before. New of course are the wings and the head sculpt. The belt also supports a loop like holster for his weapon.

Killer Moths paint job is pretty good despite the ugly costume colors. Everything is painted with in the lines with no real visable smudging or slop.

As mentioned, Killer Moth comes with hand gun which fits nicely into either hand or into the loop on the side of his belt.

Killer Moth also has all the same standard articulation points and most other DCUC toys which allows for some pretty cool posing. There are joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. As mentioned above, there are no additional joints in his wings (booooo!).

Despite the butt ugly costume supported by the Killer Moth character, this action figure is tip-top. A great rendition of the character and a worth action figure purchase.

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 9, Accessories - 6, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8
Overall Score - 8.5/10
Looking for DCUC Killer Moth? Best place to find him is eBay in my opinion. Just make sure you know what shipping costs you're paying.
To find Mattel's DC Universe Classics Killer Moth on eBay, click here
Be sure to come back for more Mattel DC Universe Classics action figure reviews. I will continue to go through wave 6 and wave 7 will follow shortly.

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