Saturday, August 27, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Wave 19 Preview

With the recent announcement of the DC Universe Classics Wave 20 last month back at the San Diego Comic Con, and DCUC Wave 18 hitting the online stores and eBay this  mouth, we've almost forgotten that just back in June, Mattel had also announced the line up for Wave 19. So I thought it would be a good time to a closer look at the action figures that will make up that set.  As mentioned in my previous post, this is a JSA themed wave much to the delight of many DC fans.  So lets take a look figure by figure. 

First up is Kobra.  Looks like a cool figure.  He has the scales all over his body which we've seen before on previous DCUC action figures such as Aquaman  from wave 2, Deathstroke in wave 3 and Copperhead in wave 12. The head sculpt is of course, entirely new and his body appears to be the same general body type as most DCUC action figures with some minor unique differences such as the cape, boots and his cobra staff. 

Golden Age Hawkman looks, well, very much like Hawkman from DCUC wave 6. One main difference is the head sculpt.  His mask has an open beak and you can see pupils in his eyes.  There only other difference i can see is Golden Age Hawkman has no Hawkman symbol in the center of his chest. Other than that, the two figures are pretty much the same action figure and to be quite honest, this is the figure from wave 19 that i am the least excited about. 

 Magog is quite unique.  Aside from the body standard body size, I'm liking the gold armor he supports.  This action figure appears to have some cool sculpt detail and although he's not one of the most common villains in the DC Universe, he will probably be one of those pleasant surprises that you weren't expecting much from.   

Sandman reminds me of The Riddler from Wave 5 just because of the green suit, but if you look a bit closer, the two figures are not quite the same.  Sandman, obviously, is supporting a mask and purple cape with his green suit and also, his suit is double breasted, where as wave 5 Riddler's is not.  The rest of the body parts though, are very similar.

Stargirl is perhaps the most popular character in this wave, but I have never been a fan of the smaller female sculpts that we've seen on other characters like Catwoman, Cheetah, Harley Quinn and so one.  The arms are super skinny and if you're not careful, can break just by trying to take it out of the packaging.  If you can manage to be carefully handle that, there is not too much more to complain about as Stargirl is a spot on to likeness to the comic book character.  For those of you that don't mind the sculpt size, you should be happy with her.   

Fans of the Atom should get be pleased with this action figure but to non-hardcore collectors, he may be less appealing, not coming with any accessories and quite frankly, the most boring head sculpt of the bunch. 

On to the Collect and Connect action figure S.T.R.I.P.E.  Expect him to have similar parts as Stel from the Green Lantern Wave 2 series.  The legs are exactly the same.  But it works for this character.  As far as a paint job goes, S.T.R.I.P.E. is a little less interesting than Stel but still a very cool action figure to own. 

So that sums up DC Universe Classics Wave 19, due out later this year, probably towards October 2011. 

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