Thursday, August 27, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Wave 11 Preview

Announced at the 2009 SDCC was Mattel's DC Universe Classics wave 11. This set of action figures features a good chunk of Green Lantern characters along with the winning character from the 2008 Toy Fair Poll.

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Now lets get on with the preview:

First Character is Deadman, who also comes in a transparent ghost variant.

Deadman appears to have a slimmer body type in this picture than the majority of the DCUC action figures, perhalps a size similar to Sinestro. I can't tell for sure from this picture. It could be just the angle this picture was taken from but we shall see when the figure is released.

THe next figure which also includes a variant version is Steppenwolf

One Super Powers version and the other a Classic Version.

Next is the winning charactor of the 2008 Toyfair Poll. The poll allowed fans to vote for the character they wanted most and the winnner was, The Question.

Other characters that were in the poll included, Huntress, Vixon, Starman, Catman and Ragman. Personally, along with Question, i would've thought Huntress and Vixon were no brainers to be included in future sets......Anyway, The Question appears to have a similar body type/sculpt as previous action figures like The Riddler and even the DC Superheroes Two-Face and Clark Kent action figures, Perhaps even the new Joker from DCUC wave 10, just with a long trench coat jacket

Next we have the Sinestro Corps version of Cyborg Superman.

Not sure if this will be a new scuplt compared to the Mongul/Cyborg Superman 2 pack version we saw late in 2008 which was a re-release of the DC Superheroes action figure and had a few problems in my opinion. But don't be surprised if its the same sculpt just with a new paint job. Looking over this picture, I have a feeling that is what we are getting.

Another Green Lantern Character (well..originally) : The Shark
Looks like mostly generic body parts except for the shark head and fins on his hands and legs. He does look like the comic character.

Next up is Katma Tui

She is suppose to come with a couple of fist attachements, not show in the picture above.

The final figure of this set is the John Stewart

Also included with GL are a couple of attachements and a stand.

Keeping with the Green Lantern theme of wave 11, the collect and connect action figure for this set is Kilowog.

I personally would've liked to have seen a Star Sapphire action figure included in this set but all n' all, not a bad selection of characters. Can't wait for this one. These figures will fit in nicely with the Hal Jordan and Sinestro figures from DCUC wave 3.

DCUC wave 11 will probably be out towards the end of 2009 so be sure to add them to your Christmas list.

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