Friday, January 23, 2009

DC Superheroes - Cyborg Superman

To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Cyborg Superman action figures on eBay, click here.

Probably the hardest DC Superheroes action figures to find was Cyborg Superman. The only place you could find him for the past year or two was on eBay and you were lucky if you could find him for under $50 loose and probably in the $80-$100 range still in his package. Well now for about $25-$35 bucks, Mattel has done us a favor and re-released Cyborg Superman in an exclusive Toys R Us DC Universe Classics 2-pack along with Mongul.

The 2-Pack packaging is nice and spacious for both Cyborg Supes who is packed together with Mongul. Strangely enough, the graphics on the inside of the package are the same as from DCUC wave 3 featuring pictures of Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern and others from that set. No pics of Cyborg Superman or Mongul.

The main thing I didn't like about Cyborg Superman is the super wide leg stance he has. This was a problem with a lot of the DC Superheroes action figures. But this one is almost to the point where he his feet don't sit flat on the ground when standing in a straight position. Aside from that, the sculpt is nice. Some of the complains about the DCSH Superman figure are still the same with this figure like the red colour is not bright enough, the cape is too long and there is no yellow "S" symbol on the cape.

There is some good detail in the cyborg body parts of this action figure. The head is also the best part of the sculpt. Great detail work there.

The paint job is hit and miss. There are areas on the costume, specifically in the blue where it looks like it can use a second coating. Specifically on his right knee and thigh and then again around under his left arm and tricep. The blue coloring just seems faded. Again, as mentioned before some may not agree with the shade of red used on this figure as it seems to be a bit darker than what the standard Superman costume would have.

Articulation on Cyborg Superman is the exact same as the regular DCSH Superman action figure. Joints in the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. I'm gonna have to knock marks off however as the abdominal joint was very loose out of the box. Since the cape is so heavy and the joint is so loose, it just weighs back the joint and I cannot pose him in anyway bending forward.

Cyborg Supes does not come with any accessories what so ever. Not much more I can say on that topic.

Overall, we are lucky that Mattel has decided to re-release this action figure at a reasonable cost because it certainly is not worth the $80-$100 that most eBay sellers were asking for before the new 2 pack arrived. Ya, he's pretty cool but that's just asking too much. Anyway, the loose abdominal joint was a real pisser for me as well as the faded blue parts of his costume. Other than that, Cyborg Superman is a great sculpted action figure and will look good with your other DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics collection.

Sculpt/Design - 8.5, Paint - 6, Accessories - 0, Articulation - 8, Fun - 8

Overall Score - 7/10

The re-released 2 Pack of Cyborg Superman and Mongul is a Toys R Us Exclusive. You can also find this 2 pack on eBay should your local store not carry them.

To find Mattel's DC Superheroes Cyborg Superman action figures on eBay, click here.

For my next review we'll take a look at the 2nd half of this 2 pack, Mongul. So be sure to check back for that and more news, reviews and other info relating to Mattel's DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics action figures.

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