Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Kid Flash

So I'm still stuck in wave 7 trying to get through all my reviews meanwhile, Mattel has released wave 8 and very recently, wave 9, along with a couple of 2 packs and a walmart exclusive 5 pack. So here we go with my 2nd last wave 7 review, Kid Flash.

For starters, Kid Flash comes in your standard Mattel DCUC packaging. Nothing new here folks.

Significantly shorter than you're standard DC Universe Classics action figure, Kid Flash stands at about 5.5 inches tall similar to fellow Teen Titan, Robin from wave 3.

As far as sculpt goes, Kid Flash has his wings on the sides of his boots and on his head but other than that, is fairly basic. His head sculpt is unique of course with his wavy red hair.

As far as paint job goes, the face is very clean. Kid's blue eyes are neat and there are no runs or overlapping or paint blotches of any kind.

The one paint/color issue that continues to keep coming up is on the action figures who have mainly a yellow costume. For some reason, Mattel continues to shade yellow with a red wash. So all over Kid Flash's torso and boots you will see this red shading technique. Other action figures that have this same problem include Mr. Miracle from wave 6, Robin from wave 3 and Firestorm from wave 2.

Kid Flash's articulation is pretty standard compared to other DCUC action figures. He has all the typical joints starting with his neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. All joints move free of any obstruction and are not too loose at all.

Alas, other than the collect and connect piece of Atom Smasher, unfortunately Kid Flash comes with no additional accessories. (How will he ever help Flash defeat Gorilla Grodd???) . A bummer yes, but really, what could they give him????

If you're a Teen Titan fan or a fan of the Flash and his cast of characters, then you may want to pick this figure up. For those of you who are casual collectors of the DC Universe Classics toy line however, Kid Flash may not be your first choice.

Kid Flash: Sculpt - 8.5, Paint - 5, Articulation - 9, Accessories - 0, Fun - 8
Kid Flash is a very easy action figure to find and you could probably get him very cheap now that wave 8 and 9 are making their rounds. eBay is always best. Click here to see what auctions are available.
That concludes the reviews from Mattel's DC Universe Classic wave 7 action figures. My next review will be the Collect and Connect action figure "Atom Smasher" from wave 7 followed shortly after by action figures from wave 8 and 9. Be sure to come back to ActionToyReview for all your DC Universe Classics action figures news, reviews and information.

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