Thursday, January 20, 2011

DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Wave 1 - Black Hand

About a month ago, I previewed the DC Universe Classics spin off series, Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 and now that I've finally received a few of these babies, its time to start the reviews.  I'm going to start with one of the main bad guys from the Blackest Night comic book series and the figure that Mattel has labeled Figure #2 in this wave, (but he is #1 in my heart), The Black Lantern, Black Hand.   

Lets take a look at the packaging before ripping it open and throwing it away.  Very similar to its big brother DC Universe Classics toy series packaging.  The DC Universe symbol up top, graphics backing and character bio pictures of the entire wave on the back.  Of course, since this is Green Lantern Classics, the main color in the packaging is, green. 

Okay, outta the package, from afar, Black Hand looks like your normal but super cool standard DC Universe Classics action figure but bring him a little closer and there are some noticeable details that make Black Hand that much better.

As you can see on the side shots below, Mattel also has changed up the elbow and knee joints. Now there are both double hinge joints similar to Marvel Legends figures, to allow even more posability.  I noticed that some (not all) figures from this wave have these new joints as well as some (not all) of the upcoming DC Universe Classics wave 16 set judging by the promo pictures.

Up close, Black Hand is just awesome.  I love the detail in his face, the wrinkles in his dead gray skin and the veins in his arms.    The emblem on his chest (and head) are also nicely done.  They're not just painted on but actually sculpted in and raised slightly higher than the body level.  As are the defining lines between the black and blue colors on his costume and it looks really cool. 

The paint job is pretty good.  Minimal flaws.  Looking at Black Hand's right arm which as you can see below has a light gray arm and then the hand piece is a darker shade of grey.  It would've been nice to have more of a blend into the darker color as oppose to what looks like just two piece of totally difference colors.  Other than that, I really cant complain about the paint job.   

As mentioned above, we've got some new double hinged knee and elbow joints in Mattel's DC Universe and you can bet that they're probably going to be phased in on more and more of their DCUC action figures from here on in.  Black Hand is one of the first to get these joints which allow us to pose this bad boy in even more super awesome positions.  Of course, the articulation in the rest of this Black Hand action figure still lives up to normal DC Universe Classics standards.  I found that the shoulder joints were a little stiff for my liking and on the other end of the spectrum, one of his hip joints was a tad bit loose than normal.  This is of course a luck of the draw thing as it happens sometimes.  Generally speaking, Mattel's DC action figures, I find are of high quality and even with regards to my Black Hand, i still consider the joints to be in good working condition.

As far as accessories go, this is where Black Hands awesomeness takes a bit of a dip.  Mattel has not given us anything, not even a collectors pin!!!  WHAAAAT!!!  Okay, you do get the left arm of the CNC figure, Arkillo (which appears to be of similar mold as Kilowog) but after including Green Lantern accessories in DCUC Wave 11 figures, specifically with John Stewart, it only seems right that ALL Lantern characters, Green, Yellow, Black, White or whatever, come with AT LEAST 1 of these cool additions.  You do however, get a pair of paper 3D glasses and if you log into a specific web site you can watch...yadda...yadda...yadda, i chucked them in the garbage.  I would love to see Mattel just release some added Lantern accessories. 

After not being a significant player in the DC Universe, Black Hand finally got his moment in the spotlight in the very popular DC Comics series, The Blackest Night.  Now Mattel has given us a great action figure and you must go out and buy him, now!  For a character that was virtually nothing before the Blackest Night comic series, he is now one of my favs DCUC/GLC action figures of recent waves.

Sculpt - 9.5, Paint - 9, Articulation - 9.5, Accessories - 0, Fun - 8, Value - 9

These Green Lantern Classics, wave 1 action figures are starting to pop up in local stores and online vendors so its time for you to go out and buy your very own Black Hand.

I picked up my Green Lantern Classics from eBay since i can't find these Mattel DC action figures anywhere near me.  If you have this same problem, i strongly suggest you use them.

To find DC Universe Classics, Green Lantern Classics, wave 1 Black Hand, on eBay, click here.

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ExplodingToys said...

Fantastic Review!

Although most of my toys and especially action figures end up dismantled or modified, I love that you go through this much detail in your reviews!

Kudos, and thanks for the review, Now its time for me to go track down A Kyle Rayner action figure for myself!

twitter: @exploding_toys

John Wiswell said...

The large photos and detailed descriptions of the sculpt were lovely. Pre-ordered him in September. Hope he comes soon - looks gorgeous. The review will help tide me over a little longer.

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