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DC Universe Classics - 2010 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone.  Its time for the 3rd annual DC Universe Classics Year in Review.  Mattel started off the 2010 year by releasing the DC Universe Classics wave 11 set which featured such characters as John Stewart, The Question, Kilowog and Deadman.  Personally, I feel this was the best set of the year.  A current poll of Action Toy Review readers asking which DCUC Collect N Connect figure was their favorite, is showing an overwhelming response for Kilowog compared to the other 4 CNCs.  I myself, did not go for this entire set but went out of my way to make sure i bought the all the right pieces to finish Kilowog.

Wave 12 features characters such as Dessad, Eclipso and Copperhead with the Collect and Connect action figure being a much bigger Darkseid than the one we were previsouly given in the DC Superheroes toy line.  Some decent characters but in my opinion, this was one of the weaker waves we've seen so far. 

Wave 13 had a bit of a Teen Titan theme to it featuring Superboy, Donna Troy, Blue Beetle and Trigon as the Collect and connect figure. 

I was very happy to get a classic version of Cheetah from this wave. Even by todays standards, the show sucks, when i was a kid, i loved the Super Friends cartoon with the Justice League vs the Legion of Doom so this action figure as a no brainer.

Trigon, well....i felt completely meh about him.....It looks like a very cool connect and collect action figure, but I was not ready to dish out $120 plus for this set.  I will keep my eye out for good deals on eBay on both wave 12 and 13 figures. 

Much like DCUC wave 5 and 10, when the wave 14 line up was announced, it was also announce that it would be a Walmart exclusive which pisses off a lot of collectors who already find it hard enough as it is to get their hands on these babies.  Walmart exclusives make it even harder because they're not sold at every one. 

The most appealing figures to me in this set were Zatanna, Alan Scott and the Collect N Connect figure, Ultra-Humanite.  This set also included Hourman, Gold and Tyr. I was not one of those people that ran out around from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart stores looking for this set. 

Wave 15 was a tad bit more interesting.  First we have the winning character voted by the fans in 2009, Raven action figure released.  Also a main Justice League character, Martian Manhunter (2 versions actually), the first ever action figure of Jemm and a new Batman figure with a new face sculpt in a Sinestro Corps outfit.

By far my favorite figure in this set was J'onn J'onzz.  Very cool. 

The Collect N Connect figure for wave 15 was Validas. 

We've seen a number or re-released figures in two packs this year. Yet another Batman 2 pack this time with a repainted Robin, As well as an Aquaman/Black Manta 2 pack, both figures from wave 2 which again were just repainted.  Also (Below) you'll see the "Power Struggle" two pack which features Superman from the Gotham City 5 pack in 2009 as well as a re-release of Parasite from the DC Superheroes toy line in 2007. 
Also re-released, was a Hawgirl/Gentleman Ghost 2 pack which i assume was because of the ridiculously low supply of DCUC wave 8 figures that were out back in 09.  These two figure were VERY hard to find.  I have seen the original Gentleman Ghost figure alone go for $80.00 plus on eBay auctions recently.  The bad part of this Giganta pieces included.

Mattel is also starting to gear up on the Green Lantern merchandise in anticipation of the Green Lantern movie coming out in June 2011.  A 5 pack called "Green Lantern's Light" was released in mid 2010 which included a few repaints as well as a new Guy Gardiner and Tomar Re action figure. 

Also just released towards the end of 2010 was a 2 pack featuring a taller Sinestro (compared to the shorter version in wave 2 which sooooo many people cried about).  and a repaint of Hal Jordan in shiney green. 

Finally we've also seen a DCUC spin off set featuring Green Lantern Characters.  I'm not too sure how many wave's we will see of this toy series but wave 1 has already started invading ebay and online stores as well as an official announcement for the wave 2 characters.  I hope the GL movie isnt a flop....Here is the GL Wave 1:

And GL Wave 2:

And finally, for all you hard core collectors out there, the 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusive action figure is Plastic Man.  As you can see in the picture below he comes with a large assortment of accessories which may lead to hours of fun and excitement if you want to pay about 40-60 bucks for him on eBay. 

Well, thats it for my DC Universe Classics 2010 year in review.  Be sure to check back multiple times in 2011 for news, previews, info and reviews on Mattel's DC Universe toy line.  Wave 16 has some promising characters and Blackest Night fans will probably love the just recently announce DCUC Wave 17 line up.  Green Lantern fans will have it good in 2011 so we should see some more interesting characters in the coming year. 

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