Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DC Universe Classics Wave 17 carded

The next DC Universe Classics wave is almost upon us and mattel has released some pictures carded pictures of the wave 17 line up.  Green Lantern and Blackest Night fans will surely be excited for this set.  You can expect to find DCUC 17 available for sale towards summer 2011.  Now, lets take a look:

First up, Indigo Lantern - The Atom


Sinestro Corps - Scarecrow who has a very cool looking head sculp.  I really, REALLY hope that Mattel releases a classic version of Scarecrow soon!

And finally Star Sapphire Wonder Woman

Im not entirely sure how this wave will end up doing.  It is filled with A list character but the bad part, they are in one time costumes.

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