Monday, May 30, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Mad Love & Mightiest Mortals PREVIEW

Not to much DC Universe Classics news these days, but something interesting has been buzzing for the last couple days.  I'm not sure that an official announcement has been made by Mattel, but there seem to be 2 new DCUC 2 packs making their way to your friendly neighbourhood department store and now there are pictures to confirm it. 

The first is a Joker and Harley Quinn pack called "Mad Love".   You will see that Joker is a re-paint from the DCUC Wave 10 series.  This time he is supporting a black and white tuxedo.  Harley Quinn looks pretty much the same as the original DCUC wave 2 release.  Lets hope this time, Mattel has not shaded her face with blue paint this time which was a HUGE complaint of mine as well as many other collectors.  It looks as though you will get all the same accessories that came with these action figures in their original release. 

Next up we have the "Mightiest Mortals" two pack which features the very VERY hard to get Black Adam from wave 9 and Captain Marval, aka Shazam from wave 6.  Both action figures appear to be basically the same as their original release.  As far as I can tell, there are no accessories included in this set.  Those who missed out on the rare Black Adam should be all over this baby. 

For those into the repaints or looking for a improved Harley Quinn, the Mad Love two pack may be right up your alley.  Those also looking to finally get a Black Adam of their very own will now have the chance. 

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That's it for this post.  Be sure to check back with Action Toy Review for more DC Universe Classics news, info, previews and reviews. 

What do you think of these latest two packs?  Be sure to leave your comments below. 


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

oh MAN, those are great! Uh!

Trevor said...

Do you know when the MAD LOVE set will be released? it looks fantastic!

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