Sunday, August 22, 2010

DC Universe Classics : Wave 15 Preview

Welcome back to Action Toy Review.  If you missed my previous post, I previewed Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 14 so lets follow that trend and go ahead and look at the upcoming DC Universe Classics wave 15 set. 

There are 7 figures in wave 15 with 2 figures that have variants.  So lets take a look see.

For those of you who can't get enough variations of Batman action figures, myself included, here is another Batman in the Sinestro Corps outfit:

He looks pissed!! 

Next up is Starman who comes in a classic and modern variant:

Super Powers character, Golden Pharaoh:


Voted by the fans, Raven:

The Son of Saturn, Jemm:

and finally, Martian Manhunter with 2 versions.  Same body for both, just a different head:

And finally, your Collect and Connect figure is Validas:

So that's it for wave 15.  Personally, I'm all about the Batman figures.  Sinestro Corps Batman has a different head sculpt but not so sure I would get it.  Perhaps if i can find it for a lower cost.  Raven and Martian Manhunter are of great interest to me and Jemm is pretty cool but the other figures i will put under my "meh" list.  Validas looks like a cool C&C figure but not enough for me to go out and scoop up this entire wave.  If I can find the others at a cheaper cost, then maybe.

Action Toy Review would love to hear your thoughts about DCUC wave 15.  Check out the polls on the left hand side menu or simply leave a comment on what you think of Mattel latest line up. 

As the time of this post, DCUC wave 15 is not yet available for purchase but if you're looking to buy any of the DC Universe Classics action figures from previous waves, your best choice for selection, is ebay.  To purchase Mattel's DC Universe Classics on ebay, click here

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Stephen said...

I really want that Martian Manhunter for my JLA collection, but the rest of the line is kind of 'meh' to me. Hopefully, sometime in the future Mattel will release a Phantom Stranger and Elongated Man, then my league will finally be complete!

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