Thursday, July 7, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Collect and Connect Top 10 Voted by you!

Recently I conducted a poll for the loyal readers of Action Toy Review to tell me THE ONE.....DC Universe Classics collect and connect action figure that was their favorite.  Readers could only vote for one action figure.  It was a bit of a surprise to the the winner to me, but interesting to know.  Note that this poll did not include the CNC figures from waves 17, 18 or 19 which were not released yet at the time.  So, lets take a look at the Top 10 as voted by you. 


A lot of detail in this CNC Action figure.  A very solid action figure.  I personally would've ranked him higher but it's a reader's poll.


Very cool giant robot version of Metallo. Many people are still waiting for a regular size, half man version of this character. 


I'm a bit surprised to see Rex rated so high because, he is the smallest of the CNC action figures.  That being said he also comes with some of the coolest accessories and supports very unique details in his body sculpt.


An awesome Green Lantern Character and truly worthy of a CNC action figure, Arkillo is a great addition to your Sinestro Corps collection. 


The 2 Green Lantern wave gave us 2 great CNC action figures. 


Perhaps the HARDEST CNC action figure to complete due to the lack of production of Black Adam and The Gaurdian action figures from this wave.  Chemo is big, green, transparent and looks amazing. 


Unfortunately Darkseid was the CNC action figure in one of the weakest waves line Mattel has come up with in the DC Universe Classics collection.  But he is an essential action figure for any Superman fan so if you do not own him, find a way to get him! 


Almost as equally as hard to finish as Chemo DCUC fans found it extremely difficult to get their hands on the Gentleman Ghost figure from Wave 8 which included Gigants head and waist.  For this reason alone, an unopened Gentleman Ghost goes for about $80.00 US on ebay these days.  Giganta is the tallest of the CNC DC Universe Classics action figure to date. 


I thought for sure the fan favorite, Kilowog would come out as number one but I was wrong.  Number 2 is not too shabby. Kilowog was part of a heavy Green Lantern wave (wave 11) and is a kick ass action figure.  A must have for action figure collectors.

and NUMBER 1:

The man who broke the Bat slightly edged out Kilowog as the Action Toy Review fan favorite collect and connect action figure.  Bane has a lot going for him these days as he will soon to be featured in the "Dark Knight Rises" Christopher Nolan movie and this has surely something to do with his recent rise in popularity.  Not to take away anything from this great CNC action figure.  It is worthy of a #1 spot.

So there you have it.  Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Have comments about the poll?   Then feel free to leave a comment about this post. Also be sure to visit Action Toy Review's sponsors to keep us going. 


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that Chemo is sure somethin' else! Great!

playmobil hospital said...

This is very superb! I remember my favorite past time when I was a child, playing with action figures like these. It really brings back memories :)

JDubG said...

Chemo looks to be a decent pick up. I really dig his appearance!

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