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DC Universe Classics - Batman Legacy Action Figures Preview

***WONDERCON 2011 UPDATE - APRIL 8th, 2011***

A couple of new action figures to add to the Batman Legacy line up.  First, we get another classic version of Batman.  Some noticeable differences compared to the other Batman action figures we've see to date in the DCUC line up, specifically a new head sculpt. 

The second new action figure is actually just a repainted Batgirl.  Apparently the belt she is supporting in this picture will not be the final version when the action figure is released.   She'll be supporting something a little less bulky.

For more on the Mattel Batman Legacy toy line (which will be released in the fall of 2011), check out my original post below from Feb 2011. 

Revealed at the 2011 Toy Fair show is the new Batman Legacy action figure toy line by Mattel which will be released sometime in the late spring or early summer.  This toy line supposedly NOT based on the Batman Legacy comic series but rather is more designed to "celebrate" the Dark Knight's rich history.  I assume this means we're going to get different versions of different characters (could mean a lot of repaints).  The first wave of Batman Legacy action figures will include "Movie Masters" action figures from Batman Begins, all in the 6 inch size, as well as a few re-released/repainted figures and some new action figures based on the new Batman Arkham City video game which will be coming at the end of September 2011.  So lets take a look at the line up:

First, the movie masters action figures which i believe will be sold as a 2 pack.  From Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne in his prototype Batman suit and Commissioner Gordon. 

Pictures from the Toy Fair 2011 show that included with the Prototype Batman action figure is a removable ski mask for Bruce. 

The Prototype Batman/Commissioner Gordon has been labelled as Wave 1 by Mattycollector and there is also a Dark Knight Batman and Police Honor Guard Joker − "Wave 2" two pack that has been announced.  No pictures or released dates though of TDK figures though.  I assume this means one Movie Master 2 pack per wave.

The following 3 Batman Legacy action figures will be sold as singles:

•Silver Age Mr. Freeze

Here we go, repaints already.  This is simply the Mr.Freeze action figure we've seen previously about 3 times back before the DC Superheroes Toy Line.  In my opinion the Mr.Freeze from the 2007 NYCC is the best version out there. It was very hard to get a hold of if you were not at the show or did not snap it up on eBay when it first came out.  Ive seen recent eBay auction go in the $60 USD range for that action figure.  Since Mr. Freeze is a must for any Batman fan, this will be a decent addition for collectors who are missing him (although, I'm not crazy about the paint scheme).   To read the ATR review click the link to the right--> DC Superheroes Mr. Freeze Review. Next up:

•Platinum Age Batman

This Platinum age Batman is simply, from the neck down, the Batman figure from the DC Superheroes Wave 8 line up (which is considered to be quite rare).  The DCSH Batman from Wave 8 is still one of my favorite Batman action figures to date.  It had a limited release just prior to the DCUC toy line began.  The head sculpt looks exactly like the Sinestro Corps Batman in DCUC Wave 15.

And the third action figure to be sold as a single will be: 

•The Joker

For the most part, this Joker is very similar to the DC Universe Classics wave 10 Joker.  The differences being, in the Batman Legacy version, The Joker is supporting a long trench coat instead of the jacket with coat tails and flower on the lapel.  I would guess, the trench coat is probably similar to the one used on The Question from Wave 11, just in purple.  The rest of this sculpt is probably spot on to Wave 10 Joker.  As far as the paint job is concerned, gone are the pin stripped pants and orange vest replaced by a solid purple color for both.  Also Joker's shoes are now all black. 

Finally, from the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game (which is a follow up to the very popular Arkham Asylum video game), we get a Batman and Two Face 2 pack which is also listed as Wave 1.

I must admit that these Arkham City Batman action figures look pretty sweet.  Batman Arkham Asylum had some amazing character designs and you know they will look even better in Arkham City.  It appears these action figures are entirely new sculpts so even though they will compare in size to your DC Universe Classics collection, the will look slightly different.  This does give us potential for finally getting characters such as Poison Ivy, Ra's Al Ghul, a new Killer Croc, Scarecrow and so much more.  Almost every major Batman villain are in these games in some form or another.

That pretty much covers the DC Universe Classics news from Toy Fair 2011. If you missed my previous posts about other Toy Fair announcements, such as DCUC Wave 18 and the Crime Syndicate box set, be sure to check them out. 

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Anonymous said...

Actually the Joker has a new head sculpt based on Dick Sprang! This will look great with the upcoming Golden Age Batman and the Wave 16 Robin classic!

A.T.R. said...

hmmm, if you ask me they look the same but hopefully you're right. I would much rather a new sculpt then just using the same one.

Unknown said...

Okay okay whats next the joker and batman or hugo strange and batman theres a lot of characters in the new batman videogame i can't decide.

Playmobil Super Sets said...

This is a good review about Batman toys. When I was a child I'm an avid fan of Batman cartoons and having a toy of it is my small dream. So every time I see Batman action figure it makes me smile and reminds me of my childhood.

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