Monday, November 14, 2011

DC Universe Classics - DC Universe All-Stars

 Mattel has given us a bit of news and some pictures regarding the new "DC Universe All-Stars" retail toy line that will be replacing the retail DC Universe Classics toy line in 2012.  You can expect to see them in stores and on eBay next year.

First, we have the Larfleeze action figure which was actually already shown off at the 2011 New York Comic Con.  Be sure to click on the link if you missed my NYCC report.

The next action figure appears to be a re-release from the DC Universe Classics Wave 4 set, Batman Beyond.  I'm a little puzzled as to why Mattel is putting this one back on the shelves.  Could this have not be released in the Batman Legacy toy series instead? 

Looks like we're getting a new Plastic Man figure at the retail level, specifically, Plastic Man from the Flashpoint comic series. Previously, Plastic man was released only as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive action figure that came with a whole bunch of attachments (see picture below), similar to the DCUC wave 1 Collect and Connect figure, Rex Mason but with even more stuff! 

At this point, all i can see is that we're getting a regular Plastic Man with, so far, no indication of attachments.  Flashpoint Plastic Man looks a little less cartoony but the SDCC Plastic Man action figure appears to be  better value.  Check him out on eBay by clicking here

Finally, we a new Superboy action figure complete with a new sculpt and all.  Previously in the DCUC wave 13 set, Mattel released a Superboy but this new one is specifically modeled after Superboy Prime in his Anti Monitor armor.

Overall, I think Plastic Man needs to have attachments and Superboy Prime and Larfleeze look like cool additions but these characters aren't really what I would expect to see in the very first "DC Universe All-Stars" toy line.   Are they really "All-Stars"....?  I'm most disappointed that Mattel is already re-issuing action figures from the DC Universe Classics toy line.  I fully expected it to happen at some point, but not right off the bat.  Was Batman Beyond really that big back when DCUC wave 4 came out?  I don't know.  It is a cool action figure and for those of you that don't have it, should grab one but I would have liked something new.  You can probably still grab a Batman Beyond action figure on eBay for a very reasonable cost right now instead of waiting for Mattel to re-release it in 2012.  

Hopefully Mattel isn't saving all the good action figures for the Infinite Earth Club.  I decided to not join after sitting on the fence for the longest time.  I wasn't too crazy about committing to paying for action figures of an unknown line up.  We'll see.  Hopefully more news will come out of Mattel soon on which other DC characters we can expect to see released in 2012.  
What do you think of the new DC Universe All-Stars?  Feel free to comment below. 


Anonymous said...

Weak showing. this whole line has been going downline while prices climb up hill. I dont know what justification they have to charge appox $20.00 a figure and give the consumer next to nothing for it.

A.T.R. said...

I agree, it is weak. Im hoping for more though. I can't see these four selling all that well. I remember not being that impressed with the first DCUC wave when it came out too so hopefully it will get better... :S

Scott Bryan said...

I'll confess to be looking forward to Batman Beyond, but only becuase I just sold mine and regret it.

Superboy Prime is a winner for me. The other two I'll pass on.

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