Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DC Universe Classics: John Stewart

With the soon to be released Green Lantern movie coming in the Summer of 2011, we have been seeing more and more Green Lantern related characters appearing in the DC Universe Classics toy line.  Since the movie is centered around Hal Jordan, it is doubtful we'll see much....if any of John Stewart but he is still one of the main Green Lantern characters and this review will be on his DCUC Wave 11 action figure.
Wave 11 was the last wave that had the old style packaging.  The action figure is nicely placed inside the plastic package and on the back, you are given a breif bio of the character aswell as
The sculpt is fairly consitant with your standard DCUC action figure.  Most of John Stewarts body parts are just reused parts.  The only new thing really difference is of course his head. 

The paint job is pretty crisp.  No noticable smears or screw ups.  The metallic green paint on the wrists is a nice touch. 

The picture below gives you a close up look at Stewart's face.  A good paint job and very nice sculpt.  John Stewarts articulation is exactly the same as 95% of the DCUC action figures.  No complaints in that department. 

The very cool thing about this action figure is the accessories that you get.  John Stewart includes a part of the Kilowog CnC action figure as well as two very cool ring attachements.  First we have the machine gun in the picture below. 

And the second attachment (seen below) a big fist that attaches on to Stewart's ring hand.

The other cool thing about these accessories, is that they can be used by your other DCUC action figures (who have the same fist mold as J.S).  These attachments fit perfectly on Hal Jordan's hand as well.  This adds to the fun factor of these action figures.  Can't wait to punch Sinestro in the face with that bad boy. 

Overall John Stewart is a must have action figure for any Green Lantern fan.  I would probably prefer this wave 11 figure over the John Stewart from the Green Lantern's Light 5 pack simply due to the extra accessories that comes with this.  It is a great addition to your DC Universe Classics collection.

Sculpt/Design - 8, Paint- 9, Accessories - 10, Articulation - 9, Fun - 9

Originally released in the first quarter of 2011, this John Stewart action figures is a bit difficult to find.  eBay is probably your best option, however prepare to drop at least 20 bucks plus shipping if you want him brand new in the packaging along with all accessories and the CNC Kilowog part.  

To search for Mattel's DC Universe Classics John Stewart on eBay, click here

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