Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DC Universe Classics - Batman (Gotham City 5 Pack)

Continuing with my look at the Wal-mart exclusive DCUC Gotham City 5 pack set by Mattel, the Batman action figure included in that set is basically just a repaint of the DC Universe Classics wave 1 Classic Detective Batman which i reviewed almost excatly one year ago.  This sculpt was also recently used in the DCUC Two Pack that included Batman and Clayface and will be used again in DC Universe Classics wave 10 where we will get a Batman dressed all in Black.

Looking at the pic below you will see that the sculpts are exactly the same. 

Front and back shots of the GC5 Batman below.  It is a good sculpt.  For more info, read my classic detective Batman review at the link above.

So whats different about this action figure.  The most obvious thing is the paint job.  The main costume color is a lighter grey while the cape and cowel are black instead of blue.  The bat symbol on Batman's chest is painted on, not engraved and is exactly the same as the Classic Detective Batman.  Everything else is pretty much the same between the two figures.  As far as the quality of the paint job, it is pretty good with no glaring errors and you would have to go over him pretty closely to find any minor issues. 

Below I am comparing GC5 Batman with Classic Detective Batman on the right and DC Superheroes Batman on the left which Mattel released about two years ago. 

Continuing with the comparisons, as far as accessories go, Classic Detective Batman (below/right) came with a "Bat Grapple" and a "Batarang" both of which were pretty cool plus being part of a wave, also came with a piece of the collect and connect Rex Mason action figure.  Gotham City Batman unfortunately comes with nothing.  yep....nothing at all. 

Articulation is what it is.  If you've been collecting the DCUC action figures, then you know there is nothing to complain about here.  As far as the quality of the joints on this action figure out of the package, Batman was fine with no major issues. 

Basically if you already have Classic Detective Batman, this action figure may not be all that important to you.  It is just a repaint.  I personally prefer the Black and Gray outfit better.  Also the lack of accessories may not appeal to some collectors as well.

If you're looking to purchase the DC Universe Classics Gotham City 5 Pack which also includes Superman, Lex Luthor, Two-Face and Catwoman, it is a Wal-Mart exclusive set so if you're local Wal-Mart is not carrying it, check out eBay. 

To search for Mattel's DC Universe Classics Gotham City 5 Pack on eBay, click here

Or if you prefer to only get the Gotham City Batman figure on its on, you can find auctions on eBay for a loose Gotham City Batman only.  Click here to find  DC Universe Classics Batman action figures.

Be sure to check back with Action Toy Review for more DC Universe Classics action figure reviews including more from the Gotham City 5 pack as well as more figures from the wave 8, 9 and hopefully wave 10 sets.


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