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DC Universe Classics - The Demon, Etrigan

Continuing with my DC Comics action figure theme, today's review is:

DC Universe Classics Series 1 - The Demon, Etrigan

So, I've already reviewed Mattel's DCUC series 2 and series 3 (check the blog archive) and from series 1, I've gone over The Penguin & Red Tornado. So I might as well finish getting through the rest of the first set before series 4 comes to my door. The Demon, Etrigan is not one which I'm overly familiar with. I believe my first exposure was actually the Batman animated television series in the 90's which featured Etrigan in one episode towards the end of its run. For more character info on The Demon, Etrigan, check out Jack Kirby's The Demon.

Etrigan is the tallest figure from DCUC series 1 set standing at 7 inches tall. As usual with these Mattel action figures, the head is the highlight. There is a lot of detail on the head from his ears to the wrinkles around his face and pores in his skin. The torso is big and thick but not overly heavy. The belt has a slightly worn leather look with a detailed buckle. The hands have pointy fingers but are made of a soft plastic so you or your children won't hurt themselves. The cape is made of a heavy plastic which is typical for DC Mattel action figures with capes. It sometimes can be an issue for posing as it can weigh the toy backwards. Its not a huge issue though.

Etrigan's paint job is clean...perhaps too clean. Well, what I'm referring to is the cape. Looking at the cape's design, its all torn and ripped apart. But its painted a bright blue and looks like Etrigan may have just picked it up from the cleaners. I would've like to have seen a dark wash over the cape to give it a rougher look. That's just my preference. Aside from that, there are no paint runs or slop and everything is paint relatively within the lines. The face is nicely done. There is minimal shading on the torso but overall the paint is well done, miles above Red Tornado's paint job.

Not much to talk about in the accessories department. Of course, Etrigan does come with the collect & connect piece of The Element Man, Rex Mason (Metamorpho). Other than that, Etrigan will have to rely on his pointy fingers when in battle.

Articulation is great as with most of the DC Universe Classic Action Figures. He comes with all the standard joints as you would expect from this toy line. Neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. I think there comes a point where you can have too many joints that takes away from the figures look but in the case of the DCUC toys, Mattel has got it just about right. All joints out of the package where fairly tight as they should be.

Overall, despite not knowing too much about the character himself before purchasing it, this action figure is quite good. He would fit in great with any toy line in the 6 inch range from DC Direct to Marvel Legends if you like to mix them up. Despite some small issues and lack of accessories, he fits in well with comic book toy collections or would be great for the kids as well.

Sculpt/Design - 9, Paint - 8.5, Accessories - 5, Articulation - 9, Fun - 8
Overall Score 8/10
This figure was released in early 2008. There might be the odd one still on shelves at your local Walmart but it is still widely available online. Generally, Etrigan will sell for about $10-15 bucks plus shipping. But sometimes there are deals. I was able to pick this bad boy up on eBay for $4.99 plus $5 shipping.

To find DC Universe Classics - The Demon, Etrigan on eBay, click here and good luck.
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hope they can release a klarion figure... and i hope he can looks like the klarion from tnba.

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