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DC Universe Classics - Shark

Im trying to get in some missed reviews from previous DCUC waves which i was unable to get to.  Lets go back a bit to the DC Universe Classics wave 11 again, this time to take a look at "Shark".   

Definitely not an A or B...or even a C list character from the DC Universe, the Shark seems like an odd choice to make an action figure for.  A filler perhalps?  It definitely seems like Mattel does not want to give us too many A list characters in one wave seeing as how Wave 11 already gives us  A listers like John Stewart and Kilowog and even somewhat popular The Question and Cyborg Superman.  The Shark has only had a few appearances and there have been a few different versions of a "Shark" character.  Since wave 11 was a Green Lantern heavy wave, this version of Shark is the 3rd version who had runs with Hal Jordan on a couple occaisions as well as Superman and Aquaman.  Lets take a look.

Packaging is what it is.  Wave 11 was the last that had this original packaging.  In wave 12 things were slightly modified.  On to the action figure:

At first look at Shark, you think, what the....???  a man's body with a shark's head.  As ridiculas as Shark looks, this action figure is almost spot on compared to the comic book character.  See below. 

Told ya.  Its actually a very good likeness which is what you would expect because Mattel and the Four Horsemen have been doing an awesome job with this toy line.  Basically, what we've been given is an action figure of standard DCUC body parts, similar to that of say, Hal Jordan or Flash, and the Horsemen have added fins to his calves, forearms (similar to Aquaman) and one giant shark fin on his back.

The head of course, is unique to the character. For the most part, its a good head sculpt but the mouth and teeth kind of bother me.  I wish the teeth were a bit more defined and sharper looking. 

The paint job on the body is mostly 2 shades of purple, a glossy metallic light purple and a darker shade of purple which i think looks pretty cool.   The paint around the teeth and mouth area unfortunately looks sloppy. 

Articulation is similar to other standard DC Universe Classics action figures.  Other than his Shark head, his body and joints are all the same.  Thankfully all in fine working condition.  Not too tight or too lose. 

If you're looking for any sort of accessories to be included with Shark other than the Connect and Collect piece of Kilowog, which lets face it, is the main reason for me purchasing this action figures, then you will be a tad bit disappointed.  There is nothing else included and since Shark has been sculpted with two closed fisted hands, you cannot substitute another action figures accessories.  

Overall,  Shark is a filler in my opinion and other than the wanting to finish Kilowog, some may see no reason to purchase him.  To his benefit, he is painted with a some cool metalic colours and has a decent head sculpt but at the end of the day, people did not flock out to buy this action figure.  It was actually cheaper for me to buy him brand new than to only buy the Kilowog CNC piece on its own in an eBay action. At the end of the day, you can't have enough villains to fill your collection so I wouldn't classify him as a bad purchase, just not an overly exciting one.   

Sculpt - 6, Paint - 9, Articulation - 9, Accessories - NA, Fun - 5,
Value - 6 (only because of Kilowog)

Well, if you're looking to finish your DC Universe Classics wave 11 set, you can probably find Shark for a pretty good price on eBay these days. 

To purchase Mattel's DC Universe Classics Shark from wave 11 on eBay, click here

To purchase Mattel's DC Universe Classcis Collect N Connect Kilowog on ebay, click here

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