Thursday, November 15, 2012

DC Unlimited & Batman Unlimited


Time to take a look at some of Mattel's future releases in 2013.  In stores very soon you will be seeing Mattel's newest toy line that will feature some of DC Comics popular characters.  These collection are called "DC Unlimted"  and "Batman Unlimited".  The good part about these sets is that they will be "unlimited" in the sense that we could get some characters in their classic looks or some of the new DCNU looks aswell.  Lets take a look at the first waves: 


DC Unlimited Wave 1

The first DC Unlimited wave consists of the DCNU Superman and Flash as well as a very cool looking DCNU Hawkman. The Superman and Flash are both the same figures that were suppose to be part of the  DC Universe All-Stars toy line that I think fizzled out after Mattel came up with the DC Unlimited game plan.  Superman was released in the All-Star wave but I am not sure that its continuing.  The Hawkman figure was feature at some of the comic con shows earlier this year.  I thinks its an improvement over the last Hawkman we had from the Wave 6 DC Universe Classics line. 

Batman Unlimited - Wave 1

The first Batman unlimited wave consists of the new DCNU Batman as well DCNU Batgirl and a Super Powers version of the Penguin.  Again, this Batman figure is also part of the DC Universe All Stars toy line. Comparing to the many previous DC Universe Classics Batman figures we saw over the last few years, I'm glad that Mattel has given us a new head sculpt instead of rehashing the same old pieces.  Unfortunately  Batgirl, for the most part, is a complete repaint.  The only difference being is her belt is a little sleeker.  That being said, I think this paint job is the coolest of the bunch.  Than the previous releases which you can see here.  The Penguin's body sculpt is exactly the same as the version released back in the DC Universe Classics wave 1 set back in 2008.  The head is new though.  Accessories are also the same, just painted differently.

Next up is some of the DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited figures we'll be seeing in the near future.

Batman Unlimited - Injustice Batman

First we have a version of the Injustice Batman which will obviously be part of the Batman Unlimited line.  To be honest, I'm not very impressed with it.  I like that its a completely unique sculpt but it just doesn't work for me.

Batman Unlimited - Planet X Batman & Batmite

Another Batman Unlimted figure will be the Planet X Batman and a repainted Batmite figure.....another no buy for me.  It is a decent likeness from the comic but my bet is this will be a peg warmer. 


Batman Unlimited - Dark Knight Returns Batman

And the third Batman Unlimited figure will be from the VERY cool DC Comic book and recent DC animated movie Batman: Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2.  If you haven't see the movie (part 2 comes out in January), be sure to pick it up for Christmas. You won't be disappointed.  As far as this action figure goes.  It's a very good likeness of the older Batman in the movies.  I am happy with this action figure but I was hoping for some more villains.  Come on.  Were's Ra's, Talia, a new Scarecrow, Croc.  So many Batman characters that they can do instead....uhhhh.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Watch this movie!

DC Unlimited - Wonder Woman
So far, the only DC Unlimited wave 2 figure that has been announced is the New 52 version of Wonder Woman.  It looks to be a similar, if not the same body sculpt as the DC Universe Classics Wave 4 version with the exception of the costume design over her chest and no belt.  The head sculpt appears to be a new sculpt and she is supporting a short sword instead of the axe and shield given with the DCUC action figure.  All in all not a bad looking figure and this gives you 4 of the 7 New 52 Justice League main members leaving us to wait for Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg still.  Maybe they will be announced soon. 


Taylor Lymbery said...

I kind of like the planet X Batman. I would have to admit that it wouldn't be my first choice in purchase. I am happy to see that they are re-releasing the Penguin. I missed out on him the first time. I believe that the Dark Knight Batman's body is from the Masters of the Universe male buck. I think it works well.

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